Friday, February 22, 2008

KINGDADS breakfast

KINGDADS breakfast started in Lakeway Texas by joining my first love of being a father and one of my other’s. Breakfast!

A good bud of mine who I’ll call Mikey, until I get his permission to use his real name, shares this same passion. Plus, Mikey makes great Mickey Mouse pancakes which I’ll discuss at another time. We started meeting with our kids at various locations around town from Lakeway’s Café Lago, to IHOP. (Full Disclosure- I have no affiliation with IHOP) I’m a huge fan of IHOP and the smiley face pancakes, actually I’m lying because I really don’t like the smiley face pancakes, but my kids do and that’s good enough for me. After talking with some other bud’s who wanted to join in for breakfast I quickly realized it would be easier to use to coordinate breakfast. It seemed like overnight we went from 2 dad’s to 8 dad’s plus all the kids. Had I not moved to Houston recently and discontinued the KINGDAD’s breakfast in Austin I am confident we would have easily added enough father’s to fill up Auditorium shores on Town Lake in Austin. I had a great time and the kids had even more fun. In this I noticed the difference’s in the make up of the father’s in the group. I’ll call them all great father’s, but I quickly noticed the varying levels of comfort these dad’s had interacting with their and all the kids. The commonality between the dad’s was simple: all wanted to be a great father. Some just don’t know how. I’m not saying that any of them were bad father’s, but the comfort factor was not present in them. I’ll speak more to this lack of comfort in the future. Showing up and spending time with your kids is the first step and I propose KINGDADS for you.

I encourage you for one Saturday a month to take your kids, call a bud with kids, and head for your local IHOP. Enjoy and join today. KINGDADS breakfast!


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