Friday, September 30, 2016

The mistake you made in not using extra virgin olive oil

I use 500ml – 16.9 FL oz. of fresh premium Texas Angel Oil extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) every two weeks on average.  After enough surprised reactions from home chefs as to how much extra virgin olive oil I use I thought it only prudent to discuss this further.

Aside from the well-known fact that real extra virgin olive oil is extremely healthy for you with countless supporting studies confirming this from the likes of the Mayo Clinic and others.  This flavorful alkaline food is a must for almost any cooking you are doing.  No, it's not just for salads to be used as some drizzle over the top and please stop asking what salad is my favorite.  I've hated salad my entire life and if you love salad, then more power to you.  Luckily I medically have a reason to avoid salad due to an enzyme in green leafy vegetables not being good for your intestines.  At least it's an issue for me after an injury from my Navy time leaving me with a very “interesting” diet and part of how Texas Angel Oil came to be.  Although my Texas Angel Oil extra virgin olive oil is the ultimate topper for salads understand that is only scratching the surface of the thousands, if not millions of uses.

Areas you are missing out on to up your cooking game, including grilling:

-EGGS; No matter how you cook them, eggs and olive oil were a marriage made in heaven. Skip the milk for scrambled eggs and use olive oil as an example.  Sunny side up is much sunnier when cooked in extra virgin olive oil.

-Pan fry fresh fish; Use 50% EVOO and 50% Sweet cream butter with some fresh minced garlic, sea salt, pepper, and fresh lime or lemon juice when plating.  Simple, awesome, and your taste in fish will jump to a new level.  Coming soon is my newest flavor; Texas Angel Oil Caribbean Lime extra virgin olive oil - perfect for fish.

-Marinating; Did you know EVOO is an alkaline food and helps to counteract the natural acidity of beef to bring out the natural flavors of the meat and enhance the flavors of your selected seasonings used.  Did I mention that EVOO makes a great binding agent, even with rubs, to help infuse the seasonings into the beef?. Now you know.

-Perfect Sear for a steak ( the same principle applies to the perfect low & slow brisket); EVOO has a relatively low burn point and some can find this challenging to cook with.  However, the advantage some miss is that EVOO heats up extremely quickly.  The outside of your meat coated in EVOO will heat even quicker for that all important Sear so sought after by top chefs and backyard grilling warriors.

-Finisher on any protein; Make fish tacos and when you've plated them try some fresh lime or lemon juice and EVOO as the final touch.  You can thank me later.

-Make leftovers great again;  That perfect steak or leftover brisket is now 4 days old in the refrigerator and you know you have to heat it up which is only going to cook it past the perfection point.  Heat it up and hit it with EVOO and don't kiss me for this great tip.

Texas Angel Oil extra virgin olive oil is specially blended from various olive types to provide that ultimate cooking experience and taste.  It is our honor to provide you this superior product from our family to yours.  As always every drop of oil in each bottle is of Texas Angel Oil is 100% pure extra virgin olive oil. 

Order today and then have that meal with those you love.

Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

If you aren't pissing someone off, then you aren't doing the right thing! - CWK

"If you aren't pissing someone off, then you aren't doing the right thing!"- Christopher Kasmiroski
This is my take on a quote from U.S. Army General George S. Patton, “If everyone is thinking alike, then someone isn't thinking.”. Granted mine is a bit more intense, but in this modern short attention span culture I felt compelled to modify it.  Patton's quote is much better for the record!  This short little article bleeds over into multiple categories and I ask for your patience.

So what does this article opening have to do with olive oil? Everything and nothing. After building various companies over the years in multiple fields many concepts hold true. Here are some truths as I have learned: Despite what your friends told you, the customer is not always right. Business plans are often like battle plans in that your business plan will rarely stay in tact after you go to market. You must constantly adjust and failure to do so will be just that - failure. Failure is not to be feared, but failing to recognize the realities of the current situation should never be tolerated. Lastly, which is more a personal view and not some universal truth as I have learned it. Pursue excellence! Provide a superior product, service, and support to your customers. Treat customers as you yourself want to be treated.

Some experts in the olive oil world view me as disruptive, but I never built Texas Angel Oil for the “olive oil experts” and many experts love me. As I heard Rush Limbaugh once say and I'll paraphrase, “I'm living rent free in the democrats mind”. I'm living rent free in some olive oil experts minds apparently after receiving an email that asks to see all my olive oil operations from an olive oil expert. I do love to see the competition and lord knows I have often called and simply asked to see everything they are doing. What stood out to me in this request was this person quantified this request by stating they are familiar with everyone else's operations, except mine. Sorry that you feel left out. I don't think I pissed this person off and I would be honored to give them a tour, but it will have to wait for I'm a little busy these days. Why am I disruptive? I don't intend to be, but at the same time I see how many of the olive oil companies are positioning themselves and I don't see long term success being both achievable and sustainable. Combined with my simplistic and “sometimes” blunt nature has apparently given some pause in my field.

Look olive oil as a business is not overly complex and maybe there is confusion due to all of the complex flavors of various olive oil. Olive oil has developed over a thousand plus years and you will be hard pressed to find someone unfamiliar with olive oil in general. Thanks to some incredible olive oils that kicked the world off in their love affair with olive oil. Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, and I can go on...- Thank you and keep up making great olive oil. A divide exists with consumers in the olive oil world, between “Great” olive oil and just “olive oil”. In the United States our local market shelves were full of olive oils and most of them in my useless opinion are not worth your time or money. However, you will start to find more local, regional, and world class olive oils on store shelves. Word is getting out, at least here in this country that your choice in olive oil can be as specific as your intended use. Combined with the increasing public awareness that olive oil flavors are both as varied and unique as the entire animal kingdom. Take 2 of the same olive tree varietals and plant them 1 mile apart and you will most likely have 2 distinct and unique flavors of olive oil at pressing. Every orchard around the world has the ability to produce 1 or more types of olive trees that can produce arguably the greatest olive oil of that type. How it's processed is a major difference, but what ultimately ends up in your kitchen is most often a blend. Yes a blend. Sometimes this blend is for profit as in the companies that blend a pure extra virgin olive oil with a lesser olive oil all so that they may place the words extra virgin olive oil on the label. Ah, but the blend that is to achieve a certain flavor and now you're speaking my language.

Texas Angel Oil is blended from 4 different olive types; Arbequina, Coratina, Leccino, and Picual olives. All extra virgin. This blend was achieved with the goal of creating a great extra virgin olive oil ideal for almost all cooking types. Over time as Texas Angel Oil matures blends will be specialized for individualized meal choices with various bottle options. It is this pursuit that I realize Texas Angel Oil can no longer stay just a product of Texas exclusively. Somewhere in the world there is a family similar to mine cultivating and growing a particular type of olive tree that will produce a particular flavor. It is this flavor that when you meet with those you love and your preparing a meal, will you simply grab a random olive oil? Or will it be an extra virgin olive for as I have stated before, “A meal to remember”. I personally select different olive oils based upon if I'm cooking eggs or marinating a brisket for some world class Texas BBQ. I urge you to try different types of olive oil and if your budget dictates I hope recognize that you might have a day to day olive oil, but make sure you have a great extra virgin olive oil for “those” special meals.

Side note: Bobby Flay recently released a Texas BBQ recipe and no....just no. It might be a BBQ recipe, but it most certainty is not Texas BBQ. You can find real Texas BBQ recipes with Texas Angel Oil's own BBQ competition team on facebook. Guadalupe BBQ Co. Competition Team. I'm actually a huge Bobby Flay fan and maybe that is why I'm taking this ill gotten Texas BBQ recipe of his so personally. Come on Bobby!

Please remember some Basics of olive oil:
-Buy Fresh
-Check your local olive orchards and ask them the best time of year to order
-Try olive oils from around the world
-Buy olive oil in dark glass containers when possible
-Call someone you love and invite them for a meal
-Lastly and the most self serving is try my Texas Angel oil or now you can order on Facebook;

**Stay tuned as we are pressing what could be both the most unique and expensive case of olive oil in the world. This is for a great charity event coming up this September!**

Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Monday, July 11, 2016

Guadalupe BBQ Co. Competition Team (13 year old super chef - pitmaster)

Ty Machado with Food Network Camila Alves and Eddie Jackson
(Updated 7/12/2016) Texas Angel Oil is officially a proud sponsor of Joey & Ty Machado's Guadalupe BBQ Co. Competition Team!

BBQ in Texas is almost in the category of being a religion and rightfully so considering the amount of time and investment made by so many. However, it is only a select few that rise to the international stardom level and one of these young guns just so happens to be the son of an old school friend of mine in Seguin Texas. 13 year old Ty Machado is proudly representing Texas on a world stage in this first season of the Kids BBQ Championship on the Food Network.

Ty spent years with his father, Joey Machado, traveling to holy sites in Texas known as BBQ cookoffs honing his skills and winning enough awards to catch the Food Networks attention. Unfortunately, Ty did not win the championship and take home the $20,000.00 grand prize and get featured in the Food Network magazine. 2nd for Ty's chicken and 7th overall out of 53 top level competitors is something I know all of Texas is very proud of. I will say that I feel partly to blame that Ty did not win the ultimate prize for at the time of his competition on the Food Network Ty was not using Texas Angel Oil extra virgin olive oil for his marinades. I will eternally hang my head in shame for not getting Texas Angel Oil to Ty in time for the Food Network show that began airing this past May. However, both Joey and Ty have Texas Angel Oil in their arsenal at this time for their growing BBQ competitions and TV appearances. I'm partly kidding on it being my fault and while yes they have fresh Texas Angel Oil available to them now and we all know the right fresh ingredients can make or break some dishes. It's the pitmaster skills honed over time that separate the weekend grill master from the sought out title of BBQ pitmaster. Ty has forever earned this title through his own hard work. More so I am unable to express enough as to how honored I am to know his father and I think we can all learn something from this father and son duo about parenting.

While our agreement is not completed at the time of this post, Texas Angel Oil looks to be a very soon sponsor of the Guadalupe BBQ Co. Competition Team. There are many different directions I thought about taking this post, but ultimately I hoped and hope to not take away from Ty's accomplishments. As a proud father myself of both my 2 children, Sinjin & Skyla, I can only imagine how proud Joey is of his son Ty. I think it's highly important for all us to share our love, knowledge, and involve our children in every aspect.

The United States Navy man in me salutes Joey & Ty Machado. The Texan in me tips my hat to Joey & Ty Machado. The father in me is inspired by Joey & Ty Machado.

Good job gentlemen and I hope to officially announce that Texas Angel Oil extra virgin olive oil is officially part of the Guadalupe BBQ Co. Competition Team very soon.  Follow them on Facebook:

Joey & Ty Machado

Ty Machado on Food Network

BBQ is serious business

Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Saturday, July 2, 2016

Without Seguin Texas may not exist today!

Way off topic for this post is not on my olive oil company Texas Angel Oil or how to build a company from scratch.  I grew up in part in Seguin Texas and most of my family lives in Seguin today.  Seguin is a town I admittedly didn't care for as a youth for I thought nothing ever happens in Seguin.  I was so wrong for everything that is Texas is in part thanks to Seguin.  I have fallen in love with the great people whom I met and I can't wait to see again soon and I'm enamored with the proud distinguished history of Seguin Texas and the father and son team Erasmo & Juan Seguin.  Very few know this history and here I provide a small taste of the rich proud history all but lost to time.
A lot of the world knows the history of the Alamo and most Texans know the history of the battle of 1835 in Gonzalez TX with many Texans still proudly flying flags bearing (COME AND TAKE IT).  Between the home of the Alamo in San Antonio Texas and the battle grounds in Gozalez Texas lies Seguin Texas.  Seguin Texas is abhorrently known as the home of the world's largest pecan, never mind that the pecan is actually fake.  Seguin is named after a brave patriot fighting for all Texans freedom, Juan Seguin during the Texas revolution. It is my hope that everyone recognize his father's efforts in establishing Texas alongside his son at the same time.  Don Erasmo Seguin and his son Juan Seguin have all but been erased from the history books.  All but erased even in the town that bears their family name.  A trip to the local Seguin museum and you can ask the sweet, but clueless curator about Erasmo Seguin and you might get a blank stare followed by I don't know who that is.  Other than a small portrait of Juan Seguin in the corner the Seguin family contributions almost don't exist there.  Oh, but thank God they have a giant "FAKE" pecan that is most likely the result of a prominent local family being in the pecan industry having influence on the weak kneed politicians blindly guiding Seguin today.

I don't hate Seguin Texas, no quite the opposite, I love Seguin and the more I discover the history of the father and son team whom all of Texas owes a great deal to I feel compelled to shed some light on them.  I'm not a historian and combined with my unfriendly relationship with both the English language and grammar this could be hard for me to convey.  I do hope someone with greater skills than mine picks up this mantle and shares the story of the Seguin's.  I hope someone honors their efforts in a manner fitting to two great men, two great Texans.  One item I hope you consider in your own research is that I have noticed that Juan Seguin is often presented as troubled, conflicted, or imperfect.  Who is perfect and I highly suspect this is the result of some vain attempt to cast dispersion's on one of Texas's great heroes of the revolution.  I don't imagine I would feel all that conflicted if I was fighting alongside my own father as Juan Seguin fought next to his father Erasmo.

Some starting points on who were the Seguin's, some teasers if you will:

Stephen F. Austin wrote about Don Erasmo Seguin in 1833: "I owe something to Don Erasmo [Seguin]---he refused to receive pay for the time my brother staid here, and I have always staid here in my visits to Bexar and he never would receive pay---he has planted cotton and wants a gin. I wish you to make arrangements to get one for him on mv account---not of the largest size, a strong gin of the common kind would suit him better than any other, for it would be easier kept in order. I wish you to write to him on the subject."  source:
-Who was this man that Stephen F. Austin felt indebted enough to buy him a cotton gin and trusted him enough to raise his son for a year and always stayed in his home?

Juan Seguin escaped the fate of the other brave soles of the Alamo having been sent off as a most trusted courier to go for help.  Following the fall of the Alamo the Seguin's formed a rear guard for Sam Houston's army and the Seguin's all Tejano unit comprised an entire flank of Houston's army at the battle of San Jacinto.
From the Texas State Library:

In Gonzales, Seguín organized a new company that functioned as the rear guard for Sam Houston's retreating army. Seguín's unit became the only Tejano unit to fight at the Battle of San Jacinto. Seguín and his company were singled out for their bravery by both Sam Houston and Edward Burleson. By the Mexicans, Seguín was considered a traitor.
-Who would you trust to get your back and your sides in a fight?  General Sam Houston trusted the Seguin's.  Who are these men? 

Some other points on the all but forgotten Seguin and the Seguin's:
-Erasmo Seguin represented Texas in the National Congress in 1824
-Juan Seguin was a Mason alongside Stephen F. Austin
-The town of Seguin (orginally walnut springs) was home to the Texas Rangers, visit the Magnolia Hotel in Seguin for some history.

This is just a small teaser on Seguin and the Seguin's whom the town "SHOULD" be proudly named after.  Instead Juan Seguin is all but unknown or misrepresented and Erasmo Seguin lies in some unmarked grave at his Floresville crumbled mansion.  We owe these men better, Texas owes these men more than this and I hope someone with more skill can tell their story.

I will never understand why the Seguin's are shunned even by the town that carries their name.  From a simple business marketing standpoint you would think that the town of Seguin would push the historical value of Seguin and the Seguin's and promote to the millions of visitors visiting the Alamo each year to make the short drive to Seguin.  Or promote on the basis of being both part of and directly in between two famous battles of the Texas revolution.  Instead what can only be described as sheer incompetence, possible racist motives, corruption, and blind stupidity Seguin is home to the world's largest "Fake" pecan.

Just to drive home how backwards the government is in modern day Seguin they recently hired a marketing firm, from outside Texas mind you, and $58,000.00 or more later hard earned tax payer dollars were paid out to come up with Seguin's new town slogan.  Drum roll........."It's Real".  Face-palm, but I'm an optimistic guy so I took the liberty of making my own versions to go with the new Seguin Texas slogan, "It's Real".  Do be careful for the city of Seguin has a large police force and the city loves to have people arrested and ticketed for everything.  This could be the cities largest source of revenue, but then again people in Seguin might just like living in what seems to be a communist state.  Maybe somebody should make some t-shirts, "I was arrested in Seguin and all I got was this lousy t-shirt".  Most of the country would be wearing them in a couple months, but how about some Seguin slogan's that are almost "Real".  Enjoy.



Friday, July 1, 2016

Are you hurting your friends company?

Years ago I was speaking with an acquaintance in business and they happen to ask me about living in Austin Texas.  At the time I lived in Lakeway Texas just outside Austin on beautiful Lake Travis.  My home overlooked the Lakeway marina cove and I always recommend a good friends business further down the lake on Lake Travis- Carlos N Charlies.  I do believe in supporting my friends to the utmost of my ability, so I tried to never miss a chance to tell people to go to my buds places like Carlos N Charlies or their other restaurants like Iron Cactus and newly acquired Z Tejas grill.  Carlos N Charlies would have large concerts or tremendous July 4th fireworks displays and tickets were sometimes hard to come by.  So I was taken back when this person asked if I could get them free tickets and I of course naturally responded why on earth would I get them free tickets?.  I realized that I was not the only one confused at this point in the conversation. Don't get me wrong for both Mike & Gary (owners Iron Cactus, Z Tejas Grill, and Carlos n Charlies/past) comped me more meals, drinks, and free concert tickets than I ever felt comfortable with.  Sometimes I asked for tickets and I was never told no, especially after too many drinks in Devil's Cove on Lake Travis, but I did try to limit what I asked for.  I'm sure I failed miserably at this, but I tried.

Looking back I was developing a philosophy subconsciously that I adhere to violently today and in conversations with other business owners I'm not alone in this.  Because it's a friends business I don't want something from them for free and I hope you don't get anything for free either.  Free means that is money out of my friends pocket, less money their family has, less money for the business to hire and keep employees, and less money to expand in the future.  Generosity is one thing, but when either you find yourself or others expecting and/or demanding something of your friends company I hope you pause for second and ask yourself this question.  Are you helping your friends to become successful or are you a drain on your friends company and resources?

I have asked for things of friends and they in turn have asked me.  I'm honored to do what I can to meet each request, but sometimes it does get tough when the request end and the demands start.  Obviously something triggered this post and you would be correct in thinking this.  I'm eager to share Texas Angel Oil with the world and I offer free bottles all day long to close friends, veteran groups, deep discounts to others, and generous discounts to strangers.  At the same time I received a message this week, "I'm out of Texas Angel Oil and you need to send me a bottle tomorrow immediately!".  I need to?  Really?  Keep in mind this is a person who is extremely financially sound and to my knowledge has never-ever ordered from me.  Nor to my knowledge have they ever shared their love of Texas Angel Oil with anyone either directly or on social media.  Most of all, this is someone who has never simply said thank you.  A thank you is not needed, but it sure would be welcome.  Yes I'm sending them a bottle by the way, but it will be next week.

I'm very grateful for my friends and I hope you take a second when you can to utilize their businesses.  I give you my word that my friends will not let you down and your money will be well spent.  I'm sure your friends would welcome you spreading the word on their companies and spending your money with them as well.

In no particular order and this is not a complete list:

Iron Cactus


Z Tejas Grill

Sumo Ventures

Vaught Studio


Shiner Brewery

Wu-Yi Tea Company

Rhino Marketing

Superior Exteriors 


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

You need to follow this rule to select the right Olive Oil!

From Texas Angel Oil (Angel News)

Here at Texas Angel Oil we are often asked about the intricacies of an olive orchard and what exactly is the number 1 thing to look for in selecting a great extra virgin olive oil. Cutting through the noise and varying view points on this debated subject and utterly ignoring the intended use for your olive oil and we find only one answer summarized in the following simple 3 rules.

Rules for buying the right extra virgin olive oil:

1- Buy Fresh

2- Buy Fresh

3- Buy Fresh

Any extra virgin olive oil you select most likely at one point had an optimal freshness date with a sublime taste worthy of any kitchen. The best olive oils in the world lose their stature over time and this alone is part of the reason many store bought olive oils can taste similar with enough age. "I couldn't tell a difference in olive oil until I tried Texas Angel Oil."- this is common for us to hear this from our customers. To a fully trained palate of an olive oil expert who becomes one with the olive and makes slurping sounds while drinking olive oil will choke on this post, but oh well. Who really drinks olive oil by the way and who in the hell came up with the way self proclaimed olive oil "experts" taste olive oil? Dip your finger in it and taste, or sop some up with some fresh artisan bread, drizzle on a fresh salad, saute some sea bass, or marinate a nice brisket and you will know if it's good. Sorry...I drifted way off topic.

We are hypocrites for the next part of this post! I strongly urge you to look for "born on", "pressed on", or some other type of dating on your olive oil bottle to determine when the olive oil was made to determine it's freshness. Fresh being the name of the game in extra virgin olive oil and the fresher the better is a key fundamental to getting a good/great extra virgin olive oil. We are such a small orchard selling out our inventory after each pressing we (DON'T) have dating on our bottles. Now you know the reason for the hypocrite statement and I'm sure other small olive orchards have the same challenges we do in labeling with dating on each bottle. With that being said you can reach out to your preferred olive oil maker and ask them when their current batch was pressed. With larger olive oil companies who easily can provide dating on each bottle I would build a wary eye if you only see best by dates and no manufacturing dates. Olive oil made in the past 1-6 months is ideal, but olive oil as old as a year properly handled can be worthy of any meal you intend. Texas Angel Oil extra virgin olive oil is typically sold within 3 months of pressing, but can retain it's medium to full robust flavor ideal for all cooking types up to 9 months. Picking on Texas Angel Oil in this example, Texas Angel Oil can still be used up to 2 years after pressing with proper handling and storage. However, once you open your Texas Angel Oil extra virgin olive oil bottle we strongly recommend you use it within 60 days.

Stay fresh my friends!


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Olive oil is now a crime?

For those of you who know me have heard my strong political views over the years and my willingness to share those views.  Rarely do I find myself falling into agreement with any one political party or movement, but I do align more with one.  Experience has proven to me that no one person or group has the answers, especially in politics.  Which is why I often find myself confused with my fellow Americans when I see many looking to the people who broke it for the ways to fix whatever the perceived issues are of the day.  Odd that I have both evolved and regressed simultaneously in my political views and I would most likely define my political stance as an Old Austin Hippie!  Truly old school Texas hippie, the hippie that just doesn't want want to hurt anyone and most of all just wants to be free and left alone to live life as one deems fit.  This view is in no way connected to the modern perversion of the hippie that showed up in the 60's and is on show for the world to see today.  Politics in general and especially political "solutions" all seem to be about some varying form of control plain and simple.  Control is power for some and heartbreakingly it is also the loss of freedom for the rest.

The point of all that is this; I have tired over the years of politics and in many ways I have regressed back to my youth in avoiding it.  I'm slow to discuss politics with anyone and I spend more time listening to others and their views.  Evolving to the conclusion that many Americans aren't as far apart as it once appeared to me.  I have found most want to be free to live their lives, raise their families, contribute to this world, and love their God in the manner they best deem.  It's just how different people think it's possible to get there is the rub. 

All of this to lay the frame work to share a recent conversation meant in "jest" by a friend about some odd - different - insane laws around the country.  Don't get me wrong for I'm in Texas with plenty of odd laws in force today.  Example: (1-Texans can't buy liquor from a liquor store on Sunday's, but you can buy liquor on Sunday at a bar. Texas car dealerships can only be open on 1 day over the weekend.)  Obviously society would collapse if people bought Tequila on a Sunday and then purchased a new Ford F-150 pickup.  So when a friend joked that with all the soda and salt bans passing around the country I might have to require a special permit for customers to be able to order Texas Angel Oil extra virgin olive oil.  Imagine having to go to your local city council and prove you are both capable and responsible enough to order extra virgin olive oil online.  Maybe you would have to acquire a special glass handling permit combined with a safety course including how to properly dispose/recycle aforementioned glass olive oil bottles.  Food safety classes and permits and on and on...  Are people really too stupid to make their own choices?  I don't think this at all and I actually don't think many do, but those who seek to control our lives is endless.

Luckily I'm in the wholesome fresh extra virgin olive oil business and I don't have to worry about such things.  Well if Europe is any indication, from a recent Olive Oil Times article, I may not be as safe from the busy body control hungry individuals, groups, lawmakers, or whomever they are in this world coming after all of us.  It would appear that my intent to produce and provide fresh high quality extra virgin olive oil is not as free from the "Control" crowd and I had once hoped.  Time will tell if I become an olive oil revolutionary yelling, "Give me fresh high quality extra virgin olive oil of my choosing or give me death".  From the Olive Oil Times; full article link at bottom:

(As part of a host of sweeping regulations put forth by the EU's Commissioner for Agriculture in 2013, serving olive oil in open, refillable cruets and containers on restaurant tables was to be banned. The measure was representative of a series of new and overarching protocols and procedures designed to be adopted by the entirety of the European Union.)


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

It can be easy to be an Asshole with this business!

I finally took some downtime recently back home in Cypress to reflect on the past days, weeks, months and what turned into the decade. From watching my kids grow, "false" terminal illness, daughter's horse back accident, divorce, moves to different cities, and changing careers entirely. No point really, but it is interesting to realize that I find one of my newest companies (Texas Angel Oil) to have challenges that I have not previously encountered. Any company wants to grow and acquire as many customers as possible, well NO! This statement can be parsed so many different ways; you want the right customer to you want the right image in the marketplace. However, my first ceiling is simply that I'm unable to produce enough high quality product for the demand I already have. This is a great problem to have and one area I find myself needing to keep in check is my ego.
Granted I have been blessed to have genius friends who will read this and name a couple million holes in my thought process. However, I have a severe limitation with the amount of olives I can both grow directly and procure from other Texas orchards. Basic supply and demand that affects every step I make in growing Texas Angel Oil. Every year as more olive trees mature my volume can increase, but until then I'm limited to a current estimated production of 50,000 bottles of premium fresh extra virgin olive oil. (Update: new agreements expand my capability to an est.. 100k bottles) Many well meaning individuals have had both national and international distributors contact me about Texas Angel Oil. Along with a slew of other recommendations…..
For those of you who have tried my extra virgin olive oil you can understand why I'm struggling to keep up with demand and for Pete's sake I just got the website up. So piss off… a thought that undeservedly I have had about others. Talk about an ego test right! I'll sell every bottle I make because I'm the best. Wrong- I'll sell every bottle I make due to being blessed with a great opportunity to bring the world Texas Angel Oil extra virgin olive oil. I'll sell every bottle I make because I have great friends, family, and colleagues whom I'm thankful for every step of the way with their unwavering support.
My extra virgin olive oil is the best and I'll work on the ego.
To raise my prices or to not raise prices….well that's for another post.


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Old grumpy olive tree legend known as the Olive Tree of Vouves by CWK

On the Greek island of Crete sits an ancient olive tree given the name,

"Olive Tree of Vouves". It is estimated to be over 3,000 years old with
only six other olive trees estimated to be over 2,000 years old in the
region. The Tree of Vouves is still producing olives that while highly
prized in European countries, are relatively unknown the America's. I
definitely need to get my hands on some of these olives.

I love the fact that my olive trees are hardy, drought/disease/fire
resistant, but over 3,000 years old my trees are not. Texas has some
catching up to do in the olive tree world, but Texas extra virgin olive
oil is second to none. It's good to know that my labors today in the
orchards can last thousands of years. I do wonder what is the oldest
olive tree is both in Texas and in the America's? Some more research to


A meal to remember By CWK

How many meals do you truly remember?


Know your Olive Oil-getting to the basics

Getting to the basics of extra virgin olive oil did you know olive oil is made from the olive "fruit"? Many oils are made from seeds.

- The Mediterranean region currently produces about 94% of the world's olive oil. Spain leading the pack in producing an estimated half of the worlds olive oil supply. The U.S. is producing less than 1% of the world's olive oil and the numbers on Texas olive oil production compared to the world almost don't register in percentages.

-Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made without any heat or chemicals, while plain olive oil is a blend of some extra virgin olive and refined olive oil. Hence the latter has the bland flavor, but unfortunately many think olive oil in general is bland.

-Light or Extra Light olive oil is in reference to the flavor and not the fat or calorie count. If only my mom knew this one growing up and I might have tried real extra virgin olive oil at a much younger age. If you like oily goo with no flavor then definitely buy light or extra light olive oil. For the love of God please don't!

-Extra virgin olive oil is actually not an indicator of the flavor or quality. With many differing colors of extra virgin olive oil the color alone is not enough to pick the right one. Extra virgin olive oil is best fresh and with that I encourage you to try Texas Angel Oil. If you don't try my olive oil there are many incredible producing olive orchards in the U.S., try some of them and you will be shocked.

Texas Olive Ranch, Bella Vista Ranch (Texas Olive Oil), Lone Star Olive Ranch, Central Texas Olive Ranch, and Texas Hill Country Olive Company are all outstanding. There are a couple of other Texas olive orchards, but I tried the aforementioned companies oil and I hope they continue their success. Try my Texas Angel Oil or some other Texas extra virgin olive oil and you will forever be changed in how you view olive oil and realize why Texas is gaining the world's attention for high quality olive oil.


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Building a company with my Children (Texas Angel Oil), love it!

It's been years since I posted the therapeutic messages for myself on this off the wall blog.  My children and myself are together as a family and we have adjusted well to the horrific chaos that was our life in dealing with the Texas Family Code.  My children's mom and myself actually get along after finally trusting that the other parent does have our children's best interest.  Obviously one of us was extra stubborn and thick headed and thus it took many years....  Enough about me.

Now to transition this blog or at least find a voice for the future of both my family and myself.  We are almost ready to launch our site:

Did I mention we produce the world's best extra virgin olive oil?  I guess I should fill everyone in.


Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas & God Bless You!


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Occupy Support Photos