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You need to follow this rule to select the right Olive Oil!

From Texas Angel Oil (Angel News) www.texasangeloil.com

Here at Texas Angel Oil we are often asked about the intricacies of an olive orchard and what exactly is the number 1 thing to look for in selecting a great extra virgin olive oil. Cutting through the noise and varying view points on this debated subject and utterly ignoring the intended use for your olive oil and we find only one answer summarized in the following simple 3 rules.

Rules for buying the right extra virgin olive oil:

1- Buy Fresh

2- Buy Fresh

3- Buy Fresh

Any extra virgin olive oil you select most likely at one point had an optimal freshness date with a sublime taste worthy of any kitchen. The best olive oils in the world lose their stature over time and this alone is part of the reason many store bought olive oils can taste similar with enough age. "I couldn't tell a difference in olive oil until I tried Texas Angel Oil."- this is common for us to hear this from our customers. To a fully trained palate of an olive oil expert who becomes one with the olive and makes slurping sounds while drinking olive oil will choke on this post, but oh well. Who really drinks olive oil by the way and who in the hell came up with the way self proclaimed olive oil "experts" taste olive oil? Dip your finger in it and taste, or sop some up with some fresh artisan bread, drizzle on a fresh salad, saute some sea bass, or marinate a nice brisket and you will know if it's good. Sorry...I drifted way off topic.

We are hypocrites for the next part of this post! I strongly urge you to look for "born on", "pressed on", or some other type of dating on your olive oil bottle to determine when the olive oil was made to determine it's freshness. Fresh being the name of the game in extra virgin olive oil and the fresher the better is a key fundamental to getting a good/great extra virgin olive oil. We are such a small orchard selling out our inventory after each pressing we (DON'T) have dating on our bottles. Now you know the reason for the hypocrite statement and I'm sure other small olive orchards have the same challenges we do in labeling with dating on each bottle. With that being said you can reach out to your preferred olive oil maker and ask them when their current batch was pressed. With larger olive oil companies who easily can provide dating on each bottle I would build a wary eye if you only see best by dates and no manufacturing dates. Olive oil made in the past 1-6 months is ideal, but olive oil as old as a year properly handled can be worthy of any meal you intend. Texas Angel Oil extra virgin olive oil is typically sold within 3 months of pressing, but can retain it's medium to full robust flavor ideal for all cooking types up to 9 months. Picking on Texas Angel Oil in this example, Texas Angel Oil can still be used up to 2 years after pressing with proper handling and storage. However, once you open your Texas Angel Oil extra virgin olive oil bottle we strongly recommend you use it within 60 days.

Stay fresh my friends!


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Olive oil is now a crime?

For those of you who know me have heard my strong political views over the years and my willingness to share those views.  Rarely do I find myself falling into agreement with any one political party or movement, but I do align more with one.  Experience has proven to me that no one person or group has the answers, especially in politics.  Which is why I often find myself confused with my fellow Americans when I see many looking to the people who broke it for the ways to fix whatever the perceived issues are of the day.  Odd that I have both evolved and regressed simultaneously in my political views and I would most likely define my political stance as an Old Austin Hippie!  Truly old school Texas hippie, the hippie that just doesn't want want to hurt anyone and most of all just wants to be free and left alone to live life as one deems fit.  This view is in no way connected to the modern perversion of the hippie that showed up in the 60's and is on show for the world to see today.  Politics in general and especially political "solutions" all seem to be about some varying form of control plain and simple.  Control is power for some and heartbreakingly it is also the loss of freedom for the rest.

The point of all that is this; I have tired over the years of politics and in many ways I have regressed back to my youth in avoiding it.  I'm slow to discuss politics with anyone and I spend more time listening to others and their views.  Evolving to the conclusion that many Americans aren't as far apart as it once appeared to me.  I have found most want to be free to live their lives, raise their families, contribute to this world, and love their God in the manner they best deem.  It's just how different people think it's possible to get there is the rub. 

All of this to lay the frame work to share a recent conversation meant in "jest" by a friend about some odd - different - insane laws around the country.  Don't get me wrong for I'm in Texas with plenty of odd laws in force today.  Example: (1-Texans can't buy liquor from a liquor store on Sunday's, but you can buy liquor on Sunday at a bar. Texas car dealerships can only be open on 1 day over the weekend.)  Obviously society would collapse if people bought Tequila on a Sunday and then purchased a new Ford F-150 pickup.  So when a friend joked that with all the soda and salt bans passing around the country I might have to require a special permit for customers to be able to order Texas Angel Oil extra virgin olive oil.  Imagine having to go to your local city council and prove you are both capable and responsible enough to order extra virgin olive oil online.  Maybe you would have to acquire a special glass handling permit combined with a safety course including how to properly dispose/recycle aforementioned glass olive oil bottles.  Food safety classes and permits and on and on...  Are people really too stupid to make their own choices?  I don't think this at all and I actually don't think many do, but those who seek to control our lives is endless.

Luckily I'm in the wholesome fresh extra virgin olive oil business and I don't have to worry about such things.  Well if Europe is any indication, from a recent Olive Oil Times article, I may not be as safe from the busy body control hungry individuals, groups, lawmakers, or whomever they are in this world coming after all of us.  It would appear that my intent to produce and provide fresh high quality extra virgin olive oil is not as free from the "Control" crowd and I had once hoped.  Time will tell if I become an olive oil revolutionary yelling, "Give me fresh high quality extra virgin olive oil of my choosing or give me death".  From the Olive Oil Times; full article link at bottom:

(As part of a host of sweeping regulations put forth by the EU's Commissioner for Agriculture in 2013, serving olive oil in open, refillable cruets and containers on restaurant tables was to be banned. The measure was representative of a series of new and overarching protocols and procedures designed to be adopted by the entirety of the European Union.)


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

It can be easy to be an Asshole with this business!

I finally took some downtime recently back home in Cypress to reflect on the past days, weeks, months and what turned into the decade. From watching my kids grow, "false" terminal illness, daughter's horse back accident, divorce, moves to different cities, and changing careers entirely. No point really, but it is interesting to realize that I find one of my newest companies (Texas Angel Oil) to have challenges that I have not previously encountered. Any company wants to grow and acquire as many customers as possible, well NO! This statement can be parsed so many different ways; you want the right customer to you want the right image in the marketplace. However, my first ceiling is simply that I'm unable to produce enough high quality product for the demand I already have. This is a great problem to have and one area I find myself needing to keep in check is my ego.
Granted I have been blessed to have genius friends who will read this and name a couple million holes in my thought process. However, I have a severe limitation with the amount of olives I can both grow directly and procure from other Texas orchards. Basic supply and demand that affects every step I make in growing Texas Angel Oil. Every year as more olive trees mature my volume can increase, but until then I'm limited to a current estimated production of 50,000 bottles of premium fresh extra virgin olive oil. (Update: new agreements expand my capability to an est.. 100k bottles) Many well meaning individuals have had both national and international distributors contact me about Texas Angel Oil. Along with a slew of other recommendations…..
For those of you who have tried my extra virgin olive oil you can understand why I'm struggling to keep up with demand and for Pete's sake I just got the website up. So piss off…..is a thought that undeservedly I have had about others. Talk about an ego test right! I'll sell every bottle I make because I'm the best. Wrong- I'll sell every bottle I make due to being blessed with a great opportunity to bring the world Texas Angel Oil extra virgin olive oil. I'll sell every bottle I make because I have great friends, family, and colleagues whom I'm thankful for every step of the way with their unwavering support.
My extra virgin olive oil is the best and I'll work on the ego.
To raise my prices or to not raise prices….well that's for another post.


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Old grumpy olive tree legend known as the Olive Tree of Vouves by CWK

On the Greek island of Crete sits an ancient olive tree given the name,

"Olive Tree of Vouves". It is estimated to be over 3,000 years old with
only six other olive trees estimated to be over 2,000 years old in the
region. The Tree of Vouves is still producing olives that while highly
prized in European countries, are relatively unknown the America's. I
definitely need to get my hands on some of these olives.

I love the fact that my olive trees are hardy, drought/disease/fire
resistant, but over 3,000 years old my trees are not. Texas has some
catching up to do in the olive tree world, but Texas extra virgin olive
oil is second to none. It's good to know that my labors today in the
orchards can last thousands of years. I do wonder what is the oldest
olive tree is both in Texas and in the America's? Some more research to



A meal to remember By CWK

How many meals do you truly remember?



Know your Olive Oil-getting to the basics

Getting to the basics of extra virgin olive oil did you know olive oil is made from the olive "fruit"? Many oils are made from seeds.

- The Mediterranean region currently produces about 94% of the world's olive oil. Spain leading the pack in producing an estimated half of the worlds olive oil supply. The U.S. is producing less than 1% of the world's olive oil and the numbers on Texas olive oil production compared to the world almost don't register in percentages.

-Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made without any heat or chemicals, while plain olive oil is a blend of some extra virgin olive and refined olive oil. Hence the latter has the bland flavor, but unfortunately many think olive oil in general is bland.

-Light or Extra Light olive oil is in reference to the flavor and not the fat or calorie count. If only my mom knew this one growing up and I might have tried real extra virgin olive oil at a much younger age. If you like oily goo with no flavor then definitely buy light or extra light olive oil. For the love of God please don't!

-Extra virgin olive oil is actually not an indicator of the flavor or quality. With many differing colors of extra virgin olive oil the color alone is not enough to pick the right one. Extra virgin olive oil is best fresh and with that I encourage you to try Texas Angel Oil. If you don't try my olive oil there are many incredible producing olive orchards in the U.S., try some of them and you will be shocked.

Texas Olive Ranch, Bella Vista Ranch (Texas Olive Oil), Lone Star Olive Ranch, Central Texas Olive Ranch, and Texas Hill Country Olive Company are all outstanding. There are a couple of other Texas olive orchards, but I tried the aforementioned companies oil and I hope they continue their success. Try my Texas Angel Oil or some other Texas extra virgin olive oil and you will forever be changed in how you view olive oil and realize why Texas is gaining the world's attention for high quality olive oil.


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Building a company with my Children (Texas Angel Oil), love it!

It's been years since I posted the therapeutic messages for myself on this off the wall blog.  My children and myself are together as a family and we have adjusted well to the horrific chaos that was our life in dealing with the Texas Family Code.  My children's mom and myself actually get along after finally trusting that the other parent does have our children's best interest.  Obviously one of us was extra stubborn and thick headed and thus it took many years....  Enough about me.

Now to transition this blog or at least find a voice for the future of both my family and myself.  We are almost ready to launch our site: www.texasangeloil.com

Did I mention we produce the world's best extra virgin olive oil?  I guess I should fill everyone in.


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Merry Christmas & God Bless You!


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Occupy Support Photos


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God and Dads agree (see pic)


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Single Parent Quote

"The worst day with my children easily beats the best day without them!"


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Thank you-my fellow Veterans!


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I may be drunk, Miss, but in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly.     - Winston Churchhill

Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery. - Winston Churchhill

Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.   - Winston Churchhill

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If you're going through hell, keep going. - Winston Churchhill

Never, never, never give up.   - Winston Churchhill

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Bumper sticker logic

See picture and yes I love Reagan.