Friday, September 30, 2016

The mistake you made in not using extra virgin olive oil

I use 500ml – 16.9 FL oz. of fresh premium Texas Angel Oil extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) every two weeks on average.  After enough surprised reactions from home chefs as to how much extra virgin olive oil I use I thought it only prudent to discuss this further.

Aside from the well-known fact that real extra virgin olive oil is extremely healthy for you with countless supporting studies confirming this from the likes of the Mayo Clinic and others.  This flavorful alkaline food is a must for almost any cooking you are doing.  No, it's not just for salads to be used as some drizzle over the top and please stop asking what salad is my favorite.  I've hated salad my entire life and if you love salad, then more power to you.  Luckily I medically have a reason to avoid salad due to an enzyme in green leafy vegetables not being good for your intestines.  At least it's an issue for me after an injury from my Navy time leaving me with a very “interesting” diet and part of how Texas Angel Oil came to be.  Although my Texas Angel Oil extra virgin olive oil is the ultimate topper for salads understand that is only scratching the surface of the thousands, if not millions of uses.

Areas you are missing out on to up your cooking game, including grilling:

-EGGS; No matter how you cook them, eggs and olive oil were a marriage made in heaven. Skip the milk for scrambled eggs and use olive oil as an example.  Sunny side up is much sunnier when cooked in extra virgin olive oil.

-Pan fry fresh fish; Use 50% EVOO and 50% Sweet cream butter with some fresh minced garlic, sea salt, pepper, and fresh lime or lemon juice when plating.  Simple, awesome, and your taste in fish will jump to a new level.  Coming soon is my newest flavor; Texas Angel Oil Caribbean Lime extra virgin olive oil - perfect for fish.

-Marinating; Did you know EVOO is an alkaline food and helps to counteract the natural acidity of beef to bring out the natural flavors of the meat and enhance the flavors of your selected seasonings used.  Did I mention that EVOO makes a great binding agent, even with rubs, to help infuse the seasonings into the beef?. Now you know.

-Perfect Sear for a steak ( the same principle applies to the perfect low & slow brisket); EVOO has a relatively low burn point and some can find this challenging to cook with.  However, the advantage some miss is that EVOO heats up extremely quickly.  The outside of your meat coated in EVOO will heat even quicker for that all important Sear so sought after by top chefs and backyard grilling warriors.

-Finisher on any protein; Make fish tacos and when you've plated them try some fresh lime or lemon juice and EVOO as the final touch.  You can thank me later.

-Make leftovers great again;  That perfect steak or leftover brisket is now 4 days old in the refrigerator and you know you have to heat it up which is only going to cook it past the perfection point.  Heat it up and hit it with EVOO and don't kiss me for this great tip.

Texas Angel Oil extra virgin olive oil is specially blended from various olive types to provide that ultimate cooking experience and taste.  It is our honor to provide you this superior product from our family to yours.  As always every drop of oil in each bottle is of Texas Angel Oil is 100% pure extra virgin olive oil. 

Order today and then have that meal with those you love.

Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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