Monday, July 11, 2016

Guadalupe BBQ Co. Competition Team (13 year old super chef - pitmaster)

Ty Machado with Food Network Camila Alves and Eddie Jackson
(Updated 7/12/2016) Texas Angel Oil is officially a proud sponsor of Joey & Ty Machado's Guadalupe BBQ Co. Competition Team!

BBQ in Texas is almost in the category of being a religion and rightfully so considering the amount of time and investment made by so many. However, it is only a select few that rise to the international stardom level and one of these young guns just so happens to be the son of an old school friend of mine in Seguin Texas. 13 year old Ty Machado is proudly representing Texas on a world stage in this first season of the Kids BBQ Championship on the Food Network.

Ty spent years with his father, Joey Machado, traveling to holy sites in Texas known as BBQ cookoffs honing his skills and winning enough awards to catch the Food Networks attention. Unfortunately, Ty did not win the championship and take home the $20,000.00 grand prize and get featured in the Food Network magazine. 2nd for Ty's chicken and 7th overall out of 53 top level competitors is something I know all of Texas is very proud of. I will say that I feel partly to blame that Ty did not win the ultimate prize for at the time of his competition on the Food Network Ty was not using Texas Angel Oil extra virgin olive oil for his marinades. I will eternally hang my head in shame for not getting Texas Angel Oil to Ty in time for the Food Network show that began airing this past May. However, both Joey and Ty have Texas Angel Oil in their arsenal at this time for their growing BBQ competitions and TV appearances. I'm partly kidding on it being my fault and while yes they have fresh Texas Angel Oil available to them now and we all know the right fresh ingredients can make or break some dishes. It's the pitmaster skills honed over time that separate the weekend grill master from the sought out title of BBQ pitmaster. Ty has forever earned this title through his own hard work. More so I am unable to express enough as to how honored I am to know his father and I think we can all learn something from this father and son duo about parenting.

While our agreement is not completed at the time of this post, Texas Angel Oil looks to be a very soon sponsor of the Guadalupe BBQ Co. Competition Team. There are many different directions I thought about taking this post, but ultimately I hoped and hope to not take away from Ty's accomplishments. As a proud father myself of both my 2 children, Sinjin & Skyla, I can only imagine how proud Joey is of his son Ty. I think it's highly important for all us to share our love, knowledge, and involve our children in every aspect.

The United States Navy man in me salutes Joey & Ty Machado. The Texan in me tips my hat to Joey & Ty Machado. The father in me is inspired by Joey & Ty Machado.

Good job gentlemen and I hope to officially announce that Texas Angel Oil extra virgin olive oil is officially part of the Guadalupe BBQ Co. Competition Team very soon.  Follow them on Facebook:

Joey & Ty Machado

Ty Machado on Food Network

BBQ is serious business

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