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Without Seguin Texas may not exist today!

Way off topic for this post is not on my olive oil company Texas Angel Oil or how to build a company from scratch.  I grew up in part in Seguin Texas and most of my family lives in Seguin today.  Seguin is a town I admittedly didn't care for as a youth for I thought nothing ever happens in Seguin.  I was so wrong for everything that is Texas is in part thanks to Seguin.  I have fallen in love with the great people whom I met and I can't wait to see again soon and I'm enamored with the proud distinguished history of Seguin Texas and the father and son team Erasmo & Juan Seguin.  Very few know this history and here I provide a small taste of the rich proud history all but lost to time.
A lot of the world knows the history of the Alamo and most Texans know the history of the battle of 1835 in Gonzalez TX with many Texans still proudly flying flags bearing (COME AND TAKE IT).  Between the home of the Alamo in San Antonio Texas and the battle grounds in Gozalez Texas lies Seguin Texas.  Seguin Texas is abhorrently known as the home of the world's largest pecan, never mind that the pecan is actually fake.  Seguin is named after a brave patriot fighting for all Texans freedom, Juan Seguin during the Texas revolution. It is my hope that everyone recognize his father's efforts in establishing Texas alongside his son at the same time.  Don Erasmo Seguin and his son Juan Seguin have all but been erased from the history books.  All but erased even in the town that bears their family name.  A trip to the local Seguin museum and you can ask the sweet, but clueless curator about Erasmo Seguin and you might get a blank stare followed by I don't know who that is.  Other than a small portrait of Juan Seguin in the corner the Seguin family contributions almost don't exist there.  Oh, but thank God they have a giant "FAKE" pecan that is most likely the result of a prominent local family being in the pecan industry having influence on the weak kneed politicians blindly guiding Seguin today.

I don't hate Seguin Texas, no quite the opposite, I love Seguin and the more I discover the history of the father and son team whom all of Texas owes a great deal to I feel compelled to shed some light on them.  I'm not a historian and combined with my unfriendly relationship with both the English language and grammar this could be hard for me to convey.  I do hope someone with greater skills than mine picks up this mantle and shares the story of the Seguin's.  I hope someone honors their efforts in a manner fitting to two great men, two great Texans.  One item I hope you consider in your own research is that I have noticed that Juan Seguin is often presented as troubled, conflicted, or imperfect.  Who is perfect and I highly suspect this is the result of some vain attempt to cast dispersion's on one of Texas's great heroes of the revolution.  I don't imagine I would feel all that conflicted if I was fighting alongside my own father as Juan Seguin fought next to his father Erasmo.

Some starting points on who were the Seguin's, some teasers if you will:

Stephen F. Austin wrote about Don Erasmo Seguin in 1833: "I owe something to Don Erasmo [Seguin]---he refused to receive pay for the time my brother staid here, and I have always staid here in my visits to Bexar and he never would receive pay---he has planted cotton and wants a gin. I wish you to make arrangements to get one for him on mv account---not of the largest size, a strong gin of the common kind would suit him better than any other, for it would be easier kept in order. I wish you to write to him on the subject."  source:
-Who was this man that Stephen F. Austin felt indebted enough to buy him a cotton gin and trusted him enough to raise his son for a year and always stayed in his home?

Juan Seguin escaped the fate of the other brave soles of the Alamo having been sent off as a most trusted courier to go for help.  Following the fall of the Alamo the Seguin's formed a rear guard for Sam Houston's army and the Seguin's all Tejano unit comprised an entire flank of Houston's army at the battle of San Jacinto.
From the Texas State Library:

In Gonzales, Seguín organized a new company that functioned as the rear guard for Sam Houston's retreating army. Seguín's unit became the only Tejano unit to fight at the Battle of San Jacinto. Seguín and his company were singled out for their bravery by both Sam Houston and Edward Burleson. By the Mexicans, Seguín was considered a traitor.
-Who would you trust to get your back and your sides in a fight?  General Sam Houston trusted the Seguin's.  Who are these men? 

Some other points on the all but forgotten Seguin and the Seguin's:
-Erasmo Seguin represented Texas in the National Congress in 1824
-Juan Seguin was a Mason alongside Stephen F. Austin
-The town of Seguin (orginally walnut springs) was home to the Texas Rangers, visit the Magnolia Hotel in Seguin for some history.

This is just a small teaser on Seguin and the Seguin's whom the town "SHOULD" be proudly named after.  Instead Juan Seguin is all but unknown or misrepresented and Erasmo Seguin lies in some unmarked grave at his Floresville crumbled mansion.  We owe these men better, Texas owes these men more than this and I hope someone with more skill can tell their story.

I will never understand why the Seguin's are shunned even by the town that carries their name.  From a simple business marketing standpoint you would think that the town of Seguin would push the historical value of Seguin and the Seguin's and promote to the millions of visitors visiting the Alamo each year to make the short drive to Seguin.  Or promote on the basis of being both part of and directly in between two famous battles of the Texas revolution.  Instead what can only be described as sheer incompetence, possible racist motives, corruption, and blind stupidity Seguin is home to the world's largest "Fake" pecan.

Just to drive home how backwards the government is in modern day Seguin they recently hired a marketing firm, from outside Texas mind you, and $58,000.00 or more later hard earned tax payer dollars were paid out to come up with Seguin's new town slogan.  Drum roll........."It's Real".  Face-palm, but I'm an optimistic guy so I took the liberty of making my own versions to go with the new Seguin Texas slogan, "It's Real".  Do be careful for the city of Seguin has a large police force and the city loves to have people arrested and ticketed for everything.  This could be the cities largest source of revenue, but then again people in Seguin might just like living in what seems to be a communist state.  Maybe somebody should make some t-shirts, "I was arrested in Seguin and all I got was this lousy t-shirt".  Most of the country would be wearing them in a couple months, but how about some Seguin slogan's that are almost "Real".  Enjoy.



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