Wednesday, June 15, 2016

It can be easy to be an Asshole with this business!

I finally took some downtime recently back home in Cypress to reflect on the past days, weeks, months and what turned into the decade. From watching my kids grow, "false" terminal illness, daughter's horse back accident, divorce, moves to different cities, and changing careers entirely. No point really, but it is interesting to realize that I find one of my newest companies (Texas Angel Oil) to have challenges that I have not previously encountered. Any company wants to grow and acquire as many customers as possible, well NO! This statement can be parsed so many different ways; you want the right customer to you want the right image in the marketplace. However, my first ceiling is simply that I'm unable to produce enough high quality product for the demand I already have. This is a great problem to have and one area I find myself needing to keep in check is my ego.
Granted I have been blessed to have genius friends who will read this and name a couple million holes in my thought process. However, I have a severe limitation with the amount of olives I can both grow directly and procure from other Texas orchards. Basic supply and demand that affects every step I make in growing Texas Angel Oil. Every year as more olive trees mature my volume can increase, but until then I'm limited to a current estimated production of 50,000 bottles of premium fresh extra virgin olive oil. (Update: new agreements expand my capability to an est.. 100k bottles) Many well meaning individuals have had both national and international distributors contact me about Texas Angel Oil. Along with a slew of other recommendations…..
For those of you who have tried my extra virgin olive oil you can understand why I'm struggling to keep up with demand and for Pete's sake I just got the website up. So piss off… a thought that undeservedly I have had about others. Talk about an ego test right! I'll sell every bottle I make because I'm the best. Wrong- I'll sell every bottle I make due to being blessed with a great opportunity to bring the world Texas Angel Oil extra virgin olive oil. I'll sell every bottle I make because I have great friends, family, and colleagues whom I'm thankful for every step of the way with their unwavering support.
My extra virgin olive oil is the best and I'll work on the ego.
To raise my prices or to not raise prices….well that's for another post.


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