Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Olive oil is now a crime?

For those of you who know me have heard my strong political views over the years and my willingness to share those views.  Rarely do I find myself falling into agreement with any one political party or movement, but I do align more with one.  Experience has proven to me that no one person or group has the answers, especially in politics.  Which is why I often find myself confused with my fellow Americans when I see many looking to the people who broke it for the ways to fix whatever the perceived issues are of the day.  Odd that I have both evolved and regressed simultaneously in my political views and I would most likely define my political stance as an Old Austin Hippie!  Truly old school Texas hippie, the hippie that just doesn't want want to hurt anyone and most of all just wants to be free and left alone to live life as one deems fit.  This view is in no way connected to the modern perversion of the hippie that showed up in the 60's and is on show for the world to see today.  Politics in general and especially political "solutions" all seem to be about some varying form of control plain and simple.  Control is power for some and heartbreakingly it is also the loss of freedom for the rest.

The point of all that is this; I have tired over the years of politics and in many ways I have regressed back to my youth in avoiding it.  I'm slow to discuss politics with anyone and I spend more time listening to others and their views.  Evolving to the conclusion that many Americans aren't as far apart as it once appeared to me.  I have found most want to be free to live their lives, raise their families, contribute to this world, and love their God in the manner they best deem.  It's just how different people think it's possible to get there is the rub. 

All of this to lay the frame work to share a recent conversation meant in "jest" by a friend about some odd - different - insane laws around the country.  Don't get me wrong for I'm in Texas with plenty of odd laws in force today.  Example: (1-Texans can't buy liquor from a liquor store on Sunday's, but you can buy liquor on Sunday at a bar. Texas car dealerships can only be open on 1 day over the weekend.)  Obviously society would collapse if people bought Tequila on a Sunday and then purchased a new Ford F-150 pickup.  So when a friend joked that with all the soda and salt bans passing around the country I might have to require a special permit for customers to be able to order Texas Angel Oil extra virgin olive oil.  Imagine having to go to your local city council and prove you are both capable and responsible enough to order extra virgin olive oil online.  Maybe you would have to acquire a special glass handling permit combined with a safety course including how to properly dispose/recycle aforementioned glass olive oil bottles.  Food safety classes and permits and on and on...  Are people really too stupid to make their own choices?  I don't think this at all and I actually don't think many do, but those who seek to control our lives is endless.

Luckily I'm in the wholesome fresh extra virgin olive oil business and I don't have to worry about such things.  Well if Europe is any indication, from a recent Olive Oil Times article, I may not be as safe from the busy body control hungry individuals, groups, lawmakers, or whomever they are in this world coming after all of us.  It would appear that my intent to produce and provide fresh high quality extra virgin olive oil is not as free from the "Control" crowd and I had once hoped.  Time will tell if I become an olive oil revolutionary yelling, "Give me fresh high quality extra virgin olive oil of my choosing or give me death".  From the Olive Oil Times; full article link at bottom:

(As part of a host of sweeping regulations put forth by the EU's Commissioner for Agriculture in 2013, serving olive oil in open, refillable cruets and containers on restaurant tables was to be banned. The measure was representative of a series of new and overarching protocols and procedures designed to be adopted by the entirety of the European Union.)


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