Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Know your Olive Oil-getting to the basics

Getting to the basics of extra virgin olive oil did you know olive oil is made from the olive "fruit"? Many oils are made from seeds.

- The Mediterranean region currently produces about 94% of the world's olive oil. Spain leading the pack in producing an estimated half of the worlds olive oil supply. The U.S. is producing less than 1% of the world's olive oil and the numbers on Texas olive oil production compared to the world almost don't register in percentages.

-Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made without any heat or chemicals, while plain olive oil is a blend of some extra virgin olive and refined olive oil. Hence the latter has the bland flavor, but unfortunately many think olive oil in general is bland.

-Light or Extra Light olive oil is in reference to the flavor and not the fat or calorie count. If only my mom knew this one growing up and I might have tried real extra virgin olive oil at a much younger age. If you like oily goo with no flavor then definitely buy light or extra light olive oil. For the love of God please don't!

-Extra virgin olive oil is actually not an indicator of the flavor or quality. With many differing colors of extra virgin olive oil the color alone is not enough to pick the right one. Extra virgin olive oil is best fresh and with that I encourage you to try Texas Angel Oil. If you don't try my olive oil there are many incredible producing olive orchards in the U.S., try some of them and you will be shocked.

Texas Olive Ranch, Bella Vista Ranch (Texas Olive Oil), Lone Star Olive Ranch, Central Texas Olive Ranch, and Texas Hill Country Olive Company are all outstanding. There are a couple of other Texas olive orchards, but I tried the aforementioned companies oil and I hope they continue their success. Try my Texas Angel Oil or some other Texas extra virgin olive oil and you will forever be changed in how you view olive oil and realize why Texas is gaining the world's attention for high quality olive oil.


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