Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My son's first official school fight.

Today my son tells me that he got in trouble at school and more directly it was for fighting. He visibly appears to have no gaping wounds or bruises and then I remind myself that it’s only elementary. What does fighting really mean to young kids? As the story comes out, one kid told my son to fight another kid and the same instigator told the other kid to fight my son. Oh good, we are two months into public school and the peer pressure is proving too much to handle. It’s going to be a long couple of years.

As it turns out the other little boy kicked my son and in turn my son kicked back. My mind races between pride of my son standing up for himself to frustration that he was manipulated by another. Yes my son kicked the other little boy back and given the way my son kicks, I sure hope the other boy is ok. Kids shouldn’t fight and nor do I condone my son’s actions, but I don’t condemn either. Fighting is part of this world and that for as much as I want to protect my children, they will get hurt. They will have to fight, like it or not.

The issues at hand seem to do more with being manipulated by another and standing up for yourself. Well at least my son got one of the two right and we have work to do on the first one.

The days of just playing with little to no purpose are slipping away even faster now. My duty, my job, to prepare my children to being functioning independent members of this world, capable of handling whatever life throws at them comes more to the forefront of our daily lives.

I miss the toddler days, but I’m loving every step along the way to my children becoming adults.


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