Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Isn't it obvious?

I think everyone knows without a doubt that mother’s are the better parent. After all mothers typically get primary custody and most media is directed at mother’s being not only the better parent, but the only parent capable of answering parent related questions. Even municipalities recognize this fact, as the city of Dallas currently is running an ad campaign stating things like one day my husband will kill or beat me. Deadbeat dad is a catch phrase most of society is familiar with. I can go on and on, but I think I made my point. Case closed!!! If you agree with this then you are full of shit! If Mothers are the better parent then can someone explain to me why the news is full of mothers beating and killing their children among other things?

So what’s my point? I blogged awhile back about there being three sides to choose from in a divorce. The only side worth choosing is being on the side of your kids was my answer. This goes with this mantra I hear from mothers and fathers alike trying to promote not only themselves, but the entire sex as the better parent. Really? Genetics is the reason somebody is trying to tell me that there is a better parent?. I know incredible fathers and mothers and at the same time I know parents of both sexes that shouldn’t be allowed to have a pet hamster, much less kids. What’s the point of trying to say all moms or dads are bad? I really don’t know.

I hope that one day EVERYONE will look at each parent, regardless of sex, as to the quality of parent they are! I hope you are the best Mom and Dad in the world, because your kids need both of you equally!


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