Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter w/out my kids

I actually couldn't stand the holidays growing up, the back and forth between my parents. The endless games of whose house do I want to be at and heaven forbid that I answer wrong and I'll get the cold shoulder for the next month. I always just wanted to be home, but I just wasn't sure where that was most times. The meaning of each holiday completely eluded me growing up.
Single parenting alternates most holidays by some attorney created bone headed family code. Easter and Halloween are left out of most custody agreements, at least here in Texas. I was excited before Easter, if for no other reason than my children were excited. My children are with mom this year for Easter and good for her, for I have had our kids for the past several years on Easter. This may seem like it's going to be a depressing post, but I'm actually just reflecting on how today just felt different. In church a 2 year old kept waving to me and she was so cute and naturally my mind went to my kids, but.. I found myself thinking more today about the meaning of Easter more than past years and how having my children with me during holidays has had me completely focused on them and the Hallmark version of the holiday than the actual holiday itself. Today I realize I have work to do to help my children understand the holiday at hand and to help them more than ever to feel welcome. To feel welcome at home, their home.


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