Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm so depressed!

A couple of years ago I heard this through the grapevine, but I truly didn't believe it. Dodgeball is no longer acceptable to play in H.I.S.D. along with some other iconic games from my youth. How can you ban dodgeball? Arghh.. Apparently other socially unacceptable games include, but not limited to: duck duck goose and red rover. Granted I have not paid enough attention, but now I'm coming to understand the growth of various dodgeball leagues at private venues. Seriously, banning dodgeball is somehow good? Why not allow dodgeball on a purely volunteer basis at schools? This is such a minor point in the big scheme of things, but what an asisnine thing to ban. When school districts ban something is this done by the school board or is a vote by the parents? I pray it's the latter. My children are very young and I'm still learning the processes in place for decisions affecting my children.



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