Thursday, September 24, 2009

Are you kidding me?

After a great summer and a much needed break from technology I am getting back at it. Where did the summer go? I've looked everywhere, but still can't figure out for the life of me how on earth it got away so quickly.
I would prefer to stay away from politics, but the problem is that politics won't stay away from my children and me. In that cesspool called politics how can anyone tell fact from fiction anymore? Why is it democrat or republican? What happened to being an American? Am I a Progressive, Liberal, Nazi, Communist, Marxist, or Socialist? No I'm just an American. Am I Conservative, Libertarian, or ultra right wing radical. No I'm just an American. Wait is being an American one of the options anymore? Oh how easy it would be to go on hundreds of different tangents with this subject.
So a video is brought to my attention with an overly used word attached to it, "Indoctrination". Oh great what conspiracy have my friends uncovered today? At this point I realize that I would rather have my nuts pounded flat with a wooden mallet than to hear more about politics. However, I am a curious one and also realizing that I don't own a wooden mallet I decided to see what this video is and if it's even real or what it says. Holy crap the video is real and it greatly disturbs me that someone would actually take the time to make something like this. It is "claimed" that the video is being shown in public schools around the country. I have no idea if that's true and after seeing the video I would have an easier time believing that schools would be more likely to show pornographic films like Debbie does Dallas than this piece of garbage called "The Story of Stuff". Don't get me wrong the Story of Stuff points out very alarming statistics like "Only 4% of our original forest still exists", but they fail to mention that 100% of our nations founders no longer exists. Maybe the latter is just to shocking for people to take. So I crack myself up. Who is mentally inept enough to not see through
this, only 4 % still exists, but I realize that it's geared to young and impressionable minds. That's concerning. Nobody can possibly believe this-right?. So I talked to a friend of mine and they proceed to tell me how concerned they are after they saw the video. Concerned is good, but no they are concerned that we have only 4% of our forest left. Oh lord, can they not ask a simple question or two to
themselves. How long do Pine Trees live? How old is the country? So I told them that 100% of our nations founders are dead and now I'm sure they are at home hiding under their bed in terror. I just couldn't help myself, hahahahahaha.


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