Friday, October 16, 2009

Chili powder or Cinnamon? What's the difference?.

Yesterday my son wanted to make a pumpkin pie for his teachers and I had agreed earlier in the day. As the hour grew late last night and past bedtime he reminded me that we need and said we would make one. So in rushing around I put all the ingredients on the counter for him, at least I thought I did. It was great we made the pumpkin pie in less than 4 minutes. Eggs? check, Pumpkin filling? check. Then the next morning I realized what all that speed cost us. Chili Powder? check. The chili powder and cinnamon bottles look almost identical and this morning I noticed that it was the chili powder neatly grouped in with the rest of the seasonings we used for the pumpkin pie. Time for school and what do we do, think dad?. Aha, take a can of whip cream? Will that help dad? No idea, but worse case your teachers can enjoy whip cream. My son has such a great attitude and we laughed the entire way to school about it and then some more as we warned his teachers of our goof. One thing is for sure, his teachers will remember his pumpkin pie and the love and effort put into it.
Mistakes are the crown jewels of parenting.


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