Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm going to die, yep it's official

I just read the book, "The Last Lecture" by Professor Randy Pausch. Great book and I urge you to read it and without giving everything away. If you had months to live what would you say to your kids, what knowledge would you try and give them. That's only a portion of what this book covers, but it made me think of what I would say to my own kids.
What life lessons would I share with them? Then I thought as I read the book of not only what I would want to say, but more so am I saying and doing those things now? Am I showing my children how much I love them? What am I teaching my children?
Since God did not promise any of us a tomorrow and technically if all of us went to the doctor he/she should tell us we are all going to die.....sometime. I am going to die, I just don't know when. So, if I wrote my own last lecture would it match up with what I am doing and teaching my kids in the present. The answer I had to honestly give myself sucked. It sucked because on the quick short list I wrote down last night of things I want to impart to my children I realized that out of the few pearls of wisdom that I quickly came up with for them, I have never said or showed them everything on my list. I guess I have thought in the back of my mind I'll do that when they are older or I have focused on meaningless daily garbage, instead of the important life and character building issues with my children.
I will be writing my last lecture, but unlike Prof. Pausch I can live and teach that Last Lecture with and to my children. At least I hope and pray that I have the time, but none of us really know do we?.


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