Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oh thank God that I'm not the only one.

In full disclosure on this one: My fingernail painting skills are on par with my ability to breathe in outer space. So awhile back I took my daughter to one of the local salons so they could actually get paint on her nails and not cover her entire hands in the process. Apparently there is more than enough paint in the fingernail bottle for more than just one coat. Who knew!
My typically fearless daughter got second thoughts as we entered the salon and asks me to get my nails painter with her. Now she has painted my nails at home, in private many times before. Oh lord we are out in public, but how can I say no to those big beautiful eyes looking up at me. About this time one of the ladies grabs my hand and tells me that she will take good care of me. I would have believed her if she hadn't been laughing when she said it. As luck would have it I didn't get my finger nails painted, but rather I ended up with a manicure. Granted I enjoyed being with my daughter as she sat on my lap with one nail technician painting her nails as the other used a chainsaw to cut the skin around my nails back to my elbow. Now I have been told by many women it's natural and I am now a metro sexual. Metro-"What" oh never mind... I don't know about this metro part, but I love my kids and if I have to get my skin removed then so be it.
I was so traumatized by the event that I needed some manly support. So I called a bud of mine and confessed what had just happened. Once he stopped laughing at me he told me that he gets manicures all the time. He doesn't even have a daughter.

So I have been back many times with my daughter and we might go today.
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