Friday, October 2, 2009

Take the kids for Sushi!

Not many kids love Sushi specifically fish eggs like my daughter does.
I really must note the curious and even appalled looks that I get
when we venture into our local Sushi venue. I wonder what the
conversation behind the scenes is like, but I'm sure it's not too
favorable. As my daughter chants fish eggs our waitress looks
confused when I order them for her. Then the manager brings over the
fish eggs and like usual places them in front of me and then looks
confused when I place the plate in front of my daughter. Then she
begins to devour them, no not pick slowly and try one or two. I
absolutely mean that she Devours the fish eggs as though it's the
first meal she has had in 3 weeks. Now the mass opinion of the
restaurant is split in two, half look on completely amused. The other
half is in utter disbelief as she finishes the last bite and gets a
second order.
My wallet wishes she would only eat a happy meal like most kids her
age, but I'm very proud that she is willing to try new things to
discover more of this world.


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