Monday, October 26, 2009

Why name it KINGDADS?

I often get asked where the name KINGDADS came from. Most seem to assume that it is the offspring of my ego. Or that I have "attempted" to hoist my fathering skills upon some delusional grandiose pedestal. So far only a handful have ever understood as to why I would name my group, gathering, and blog KINGDADS.
So now you will know.
I stand in awe of my God, my father and all that he has blessed me with and all that I see. For all God's many blessing I am forever humbled.
I stand in awe of the many Dad's I see in this world and the countless selfless acts I see them partake in on a daily basis. The dads who quietly go off to war, because it's their job as dad. The dads who spend countless hours at the office away from their kids, to provide for their families at home. The dads who have their children removed from them in a divorce and quietly fight to get back in their children's lives. The dads who made mistakes yesterday, but said today I will be a great dad. The dads coaching and cheering on their children's weekend sports team. The dads who are weekend carpenters building tree houses in the back yard. The dads reading bedtime stories in their "troll" voice to their kids. The list can on and on.
The name KINGDADS came to me when I lived in Lakeway Texas and I was blessed to meet many great fathers. Thank you Geof, Mike, Stan, and Marty. The story of Team Hoyt was also brought to my attention during this time and it was a great inspiration.(watch the video below) Great dads are not uncommon, but great dads are constantly doing uncommon things. My blog is my dedication to them and the inspiration that they give me to try and be a great dad like they are. My blog is my dedication to my father. My blog is my small attempt to cheer dads on all over this world. So KINGDADS is not referencing me, but rather it's the name I give to all of the great dads I see.

Go Dads Go!


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