Sunday, February 28, 2010

Will your kids be a CEO?

It seems to me these days there seems to be a slow steady drumbeat urging all that company CEO's are both evil and exceedingly rich.  This same drumbeat was on display this Sunday morning with CBS news.  I know that you are wondering about the first glaring issue here, why on earth would I watch CBS and at the same time refer to them as to having news.  I actually turned on the TV to catch Joel Osteen this morning and CBS advertised some new Austin start up pancake maker.  I love KINGDADS breakfast with pancakes, so I watched CBS a second and quickly in doing so it only reconfirmed as to why I don't watch CBS news. 

CBS's segment was called "Squeezed" and their angle for this show was on the evil and exceedingly rich CEO's who continue ripping off the middle class.  Where do they come up with this stuff?  I can go on and on about the stats CBS used in this show or more so their lack of complete of stats, but I think most everyone realizes the clear agenda and continuing class warfare CBS and others want to foster.  This is from memory of their show, but they showed some chart that exhibited CEO's in the 1970's made 27 times the average company worker and today CEO's make 270 times the average worker.  I'm not looking at going into what exactly does the average worker mean or how do they come up with the angle for this story.  Odd that they don't mention how government salaries have risen since dramatically since the 1970's, but hey that doesn't seem to fit their angle for the continuing evil rich stories.

A great book I read years ago and I encourage you to read as well is called, "Rich Dad Poor Dad".  Comparing the story line of this book to the CBS segment and I wonder if the American dream is dead, at least it appears to be with some elements of our media.  The American dream angle CBS in my opinion should have used would have been as to how we encourage more people to become CEO's and in the process earn 1000's times more than the average worker.  How am I raising my children in this context?  Do I encourage them that they can do, start, and build anything that their heart desires?  Or am I fostering an environment that hopefully they will get a good job, with a good company, with a very benevolent CEO who will give them a bigger handout than most?  What do I really want for my children?  Do I hope and pray that they become the next Bill Gates or do I hope they will be among the "affluent" middle class?  Hoping my children work for someone else to be part of the affluent middle class, is like hoping my children will get 4th place in the Olympics.  I want my kids to get the medal and stand with their heads held high on the podium of life.  I want my children to excel.  I want my children to not be stuck in the rat race of working for others as I myself have in the past for too many years.  I want my children to earn 1000's times more than the average worker.  I want my children to be CEO's.


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