Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Secret of God

God has blessed me for I have the two most incredible children in the world.  Sometimes I must admit that I find myself focused on the wrong issues involving divorce, single parenting, and the seemingly unending custody battles.  Then I get a small moment to straighten up my kids rooms while they are visiting moms house and I realize what a blessing it is to clean up this mess.  Lord please continue to bless this mess, for it is in this mess that I'm still a father.

I believe that there are many many secrets to parenting and I often find myself discovering and searching for new ones.  When my son is extremely upset and frustrated I tell him, "Easy Tonto" with a big smile.  Most times he just laughs, but sometimes he will yell back, "No easy Tonto".  Then as I keep smiling at him he will start to smile and we will get through whatever is upsetting him.  Just a little secret to diffuse the situation.  Even more fun with my daughter being upset when I'll start to sing a chorus or two from Roy Orbison's song Crying.  Lord did not bless me with an ability to sing, but he did give me the fortitude to try.  After a minute my daughter will join in and yet another little secret to parenting.

I think today I am starting to understand even more the real secret to parenting, God's secret.  Love without precondition or expectation of results, at least how I understand it.  God loves me so I love, God forgave me so I forgive, God laughs and so I laugh, as God continues to show me the secrets of parenting I get a bit better day by day at opening my eyes.

Thank you God.


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  1. You made me cry! (You may not get many comments like this one)

    Amen and I totally understand you. It's been 5 years since my divorce and it is only by the grace of God I am here and sane. Parenthood is a gift but it comes with great responsibility. We can't let our adult problems interfere with those responsibilities, even if they are only on the weekends or every other week.

    You're a good dad, especially since you allow God to guide your steps as a parent.

    We can't do it w/out Him.


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