Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Where do rights come from?

As many of you know my post topics can be all over the map and to not disappoint anyone I pose this question, "Where do rights come from?".
Given our children will gain their sense of rights primarily from Dad and Mom, have you thought about this?  I really had not and upon watching this lecture series I realize that I had already formed my own opinion.  My opinion was not fully explored and as such the issue of rights should be carefully thought out in order to guide our kids.  More so to help them develop the ability to question and develop their intellects on the topic of rights.  Many outside influences are trying to force their own opinions as to where rights come from upon your children, but are they "right"?
Recently I watched a press conference in which some politicians made the comments along the lines that they are working to give citizens more rights.  This hit me very oddly, since I believe that rights come from God and not the government.  As with many things, the issue of rights in not black and white.  So, what will the conversations with my own children on the topic of rights sound like?  What will you say?


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