Friday, May 21, 2010

Texas Textbook War continued....

I had to put this link up, since it's been awhile that in my opinion that I have seen "journalism" from CNN.  I was a huge fan of the Morning Express with Robin Meade, since she says, "Morning Sunshine" often and just good stories.  Other parts of CNN have left me disillusioned and I've just given up watching, but I do check every once in awhile to see if they are getting back to their roots.  CNN seems to have a pretty fair report and very little opinion on the controversy taking place here in Texas.  Link is below.

Some questions I'm wondering about is this in regards to our Nation's history and the battle going on in Austin currently.
How many feel that our history books are correct and thus should not be changed? 
What are the top 5 things most think should be included in our textbooks?
What are the top 5 things most think is incorrect or distorted in our textbooks currently, if anything?
How many think freedom and Capitalism are a good thing?
How many think America is an "imperialistic" country?
And many many more questions and surveys should be asked.  I do think we have had a severe distortion taught to my and many generations on the History of our country.  One example was the almost non existent mention of the depression of 1920.  It was until following school that I learned our country suffered a catastrophic depression from January 1920 to July 1921 and the steps taken by our government to address this.  More directly the sharp contrast in steps our government took during the 1920 depression versus the dramatic steps our government took to address the Great Depression beginning in 1929 and lasting to the late 1930's to early 1940's.  I had been taught how great Franklin Roosevelt was as President at this critical time, but now today I'm questioning if he should be placed as one of the top 5 worst president's of all time.  Not too mention as a direct result of FDR, we now have the 22nd amendment limiting the number of consecutive terms our President can serve.  I realize many believe FDR was a good or even great President, but that is clearly an opinion.  As is mine and as such I think our text books need more balance to reflect both views.  Go Texas and act with boldness and give us our countries real history back!  God Bless Texas!

CNN's story on the Texas textbook war:




  2. Well Anonymous, that is appalling that a school in Indiana would ban a book. If the Parents didn't want their children reading that book that's one thing. While I don't agree with the schools decision I will say that it should be up to the parents. This case appears to be the school board making its own choice. What I'm not seeing in the news coverage is if the board acted due to parental pressure to eliminate the book or if it acted on its own accord irregardless of the parents.
    Parents need to be involved and to speak up loudly and often.



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