Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Greatest Generation, round 2

My grandfather and those like him met the challenges of their generation head on.  They were indisputably, "The Greatest Generation", but what do we call the grandchildren of the greatest generation?  In the wake of this Memorial Day weekend I find myself in awe of those who are answering the call to duty to rise up once again and face the world's challenges.  At the same time I realize that we face a greater threat today, than in times past.  With Communism, Socialism, Facist, Marxist, Nazi, and Islamic Jihad terrorists trying to destroy our country not only from the outside as in the past, but now those same evil forces are trying to destroy the world's beacon of hope and freedom from within, i.e. us.

We had better start working on a catch phrase for this generation since The Greatest Generation is already taken.  The article linked below addresses and titles today's grandchildren of the greatest generation, "Generation 9/11" and time could prove that to be true, but it seems more apt to me that liberty and freedom dialed 911 and this generation answered.  Wahoooo.

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