Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Tolerance Conversation

Late last night it occurred to me that many conversations are being forced and directed by others upon not only ourselves, but our children as well.  No big surprise to most of you, but as I've said before I am slow sometimes.  The topic of thought was on the definition of Tolerance, or rather others opinion on the meaning of this word.  Make no mistake that the drum beat continues to try and influence and corrupt the meaning of this word.  Have you ever talked with your kids about what the word tolerance actually means?  You might want to and while you're at it add in the word acceptance. 

The dictionary defines tolerance as:  a : sympathy or indulgence for beliefs or practices differing from or conflicting with one's own b : the act of allowing something.

Given the above definition, does this match what we all see and hear daily?  I would say no.  The most recent episode of tolerance involves a High School in Connecticut removing the words, "In the year of our Lord" from the schools graduation diplomas.  Yes you guessed it, the words where removed under the misguided definition of Tolerance.  Wouldn't tolerance mean that the words should be included and not removed?  The Superintendent removed the words with the quote, "We certainly don't want to offend anyone".  Ha, I wonder if he said this with a straight face when he single handily alienated all the Christians and our nations founders with his act.  Is this tolerance?  This latest example is not isolated and there are attempts to remove Christian religious references in my beloved state of Texas as well.

Your children need your guidance and a safe place for constructive truthful open thought.  This can only happen if you are engaging in the conversations that are affecting their daily lives and the subject of tolerance is in fact a force in their lives.  Directly or not, they are developing views on what it means to be tolerant, but do they understand what tolerance actually is?  Most likely not, if you have never broached the topic with them.

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