Monday, August 30, 2010

What are your kids goals this school year?

It's a great idea for us parents to sit down periodically in our own lives and list out our near term and long term goals.  Have you ever considered sitting down with your children and helping them list out their goals for this school year?  Like many, I never had specific goals until about High School and only after prodding from a coach to list out the goals I would like to accomplish.  Granted my list was an exercise in teenage hormones gone wild.  Date Sarah, Jennifer, Ava; Check, Have keg party at lake house; check, Spring Break in S. Padre; Check.  Yes my list of goals at first seemed basically worthless, but I did accomplish everything on my pathetic list.  I didn't make another list for many years, but the seed was planted and I started making my list of goals again years later.  The merits of my lists over the years the can be debated, but looking back I think the real value came in from the fact that I accomplished everything I ever put on my near term list.  To date I have accomplished almost everything on the long term list.  The key being, if I put it on my list then I had a goal to work for and I knew where I was going and I came up with a plan to accomplish it.

I'll keep you posted, but I'll be working on a list of goals with my children for this school year.



  1. We briefly discussed this, we being my 2 boys and myself. Zachary clearly wants to be on the honor roll again this year at school and that makes me smile. He's already begun reading a huge book for AR. James, well, he is in middle school and right now his short term goal is to do good and get through this second week without anyone picking on him. (He's a little nervous about fights as he's heard rumors about the 2nd wk always being bad :[ ) He also has begun reading a big book to get lots of AR points. I guess reading lots of books and getting lots of AR points is both of their goals so far. That makes me happy. right my list. Hmmmm Thanks for the push.

  2. ahem * write my list not

  3. I need rewrite my own list, but thanks for the ideas on a list for my two.


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