Monday, September 13, 2010

Should kids be allowed to use spell check?

In possibly one of the dumbest moves I've heard of by any school district, kids in Oregon can now use their computer's spell check on the State's writing exam.  Yes, the students are graded on their spelling in this exam.  Huh?  I'm beyond lost on this one and if you're a parent in Oregon I would imagine that you are about to get in your car and go put a foot to ass to your states Governor.  Did the Oregon department of eduction just throw in the towel and publicly state that they are unable to teach complex educational instruction such as spelling?  Given this path of lowering the bar and dumbing up today's youth, Oregon should just teach kids how to copy and paste.  That way they can copy and paste past exams with a perfect score and then everyone can get straight A's.  Imagine an entire state with the highest scores in the country, but all of the students will only be qualified to dig ditches?.  Wow, I should contemplate moving from the great state of Texas to Oregon.  Just imagine the bragging I can do for years as my children are digging ditches, but I can hold up their straight A report cards.  Wahoooooooooo.

Home schooling anyone?

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