Friday, September 17, 2010

What are your principles?

I'm sure we all have an idea off the top of our heads, but have you ever sat down and wrote them out?  Have you defined them?  Do they match your daily life?  Are you an example of these principles for your children?

Responding to my post yesterday, a friend from my past contacted me and it was great to catch up.  In that conversation we talked about our youth gone wild as compared to the responsibility of now nurturing and leading our children.  I was asked what principles I follow and I started into a quick answer, but I had to stop.  I knew what principles I think I have and follow, but do I really know?  Do you?

Over the next 30 days I ask you to join me in listing out your principles and to define each one, then post them on your refrigerator or other visible place in your home.  This should be interesting.


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