Thursday, November 4, 2010

Great site for parents; "The Post Divorce Chronicles"

So yes, I'm a fan of the creative artwork and photography, but the content is as equally good.  As in the above photo is from the Post Divorce Chronicles website.  More so, after getting a chance to meet with this author and realization that this is a site based on helping all parents, I urge you to read it.  If you remember from past post in my warning to you to avoid the parenting groups that promote one sex over another.  Single parenting is not Moms vs Dads.  You most likely have enough pain, bitterness, and hatred following a messy divorce.  Please, please, do yourself a favor and find sources that support better parenting on the basis of putting your kids first.  Children need both parents and the worst parent in the world will be missed and loved by a child somewhere. 

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