Monday, November 22, 2010

I should put myself on the no fly list.

I will say that I think the issue of safety is a slippery slope towards a very dark place.  At the same time I'm very thankful for the effort of countless unnamed people working to keep us all safe from the threat of Terrorism.  Are we really doing ALL that can or needs to be done?  No idea.

At some point a line was crossed in our drive for safety and it's our children being put into the firing line, so to speak.  The issue of feeling up children has been occurring for awhile, but I'll but myself into the naive masses as this issue is relatively new to me.  This most recent video shows a young boy having his clothes removed at a TSA checkpoint.  This is shocking enough to me as a father, but what sickens me is that this boys father either removed the clothes himself or stood by while his son was strip searched.  Really Dad?  You can just stand there as your son is stripped searched?  In complete honesty I can say I wouldn't stand there as government agents stripped search my children.  Most likely resulting in jail, fines, and my name being included on the no fly list.  Oh well, and I'll just add this as yet another issue that parents must be willing to face in order to try and protect their children.  I like driving and can I still fly private jets if I'm on the no fly list?

Are we doing background checks and banning TSA agents who have any type of sexual misconduct charges or to weed out Pedophiles?  I sure hope so.


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