Monday, November 15, 2010

Should you use location based notification services?

I personally don't think anyone should use location notifications services like that of Foursquare.  Exploring your city based on your friends likes and others who provide information and reviews on Foursquare can be extremely useful.  This post is nothing personal against Foursquare and the sentiment of this post holds true for any location publication service.  Parents, I strongly urge you to think twice before using any services giving away your location.

Something to think about:
What you think location based services say to the world.                   Now Translated: What location based services actually say to the world.

Momma X just checked in at Starbucks                                            Momma X is not at home, please rob her
Daddy X just checked in at Buck's Sports Bar                                   Daddy X is not at home with kids and please use this against him in child custody hearing
Momma X just checked in at Mandalay Bay Vegas                            Momma X is out of town, so take your time while robbing her house
Daddy X just checked in at the Downtown Club                                  Pedophiles and kidnappers, kids are easier pray right now

I'm sure you get my point and I really hope you think twice before letting the world know minute by minute of your whereabouts.


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