Wednesday, November 17, 2010

TSA is feeling up children?

I really can be naive sometimes, as in this current topic.  I had a hard time imagining that our country would slip so far as to start.....what term do you use for this?  Feeling up small children?.  All in the name of security?  Did I miss something on September 11th?  I could have sworn that the hijackers where a bit older than 4 years old, but who am I to question.

Oh wait, I'm a father who among other things holds the ultimately responsibility to provide security and safety for my children.  What road do parents take when discussing this topic?  Do you tell your children that random government agents, at no choosing of your own, can touch your children anywhere they deem fit?  Then tell your children that strangers are not supposed to touch them?  One of those last two sentences doesn't fit.

Oh that's right, you don't have to fly or you can opt for the full body scans.  Funny that the body scan machines with no ability to record images, according to the government, have resulted in images being leaked to the public.  Should I even mention the health concerns over the body scans, but the machines are perfectly safe.  According to the government.  So safe in fact, that the pilots union is recommending that pilots opt for the pat down.  Due to safety concerns....  I'm seeing a pattern here.

What to do is the question?  Risk you and your families physical health or do you risk the emotional and psychological well being of your children?  One thing is for sure, it's probably time to evaluate ownership of airline stock.

Bin Laden must be laughing his ass off at us and patting himself on the back for what he has been able to do to our country.  All the while our nations founders are surely weeping that we have given up our liberties so easily for the sake of security.


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