Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Santa is real

Santa Claus who is also known as, Saint Nick has several origins.  Some conclude that the legend of Saint Nick began with a 4th century Christian priest who lived in the Middle East in an area of present-day Turkey who became famous for his kindness. He was known for giving gifts to the less fortunate, sprinkling gifts of gold down people's chimneys or hiding surprises in their stockings.  Sound familiar?
Are we missing the point in trying to determine how the modern day story of Santa Claus came to be?  Maybe.  Are many of us in today's world completely off base in making accusations that Santa Claus is not real?  Absolutely.
I say Santa Claus is as real as many other elements of our daily lives.  But Santa Claus is not real because there is no fat jolly guy sliding down our chimney, right?.  I'm with you and I don't dispute that and being here in Texas I'm sure some good ole boy would have pumped Santa Claus full of buckshot by now and feasted on venison for the next several months following Christmas if Santa broke into the wrong home.
However, what about the spirit of Santa Claus that lives in the hearts of each of us?  We can't see the Christmas or Santa Claus spirit, but I'm sure we have all felt compelled to share kindness and goodwill towards our fellow man during Christmas. Yet, it is a milestone in childhood to discover the truth about Santa Claus.  With this supposed truth we all allow kids to come to know are we actually lying to our children?  From the day my children were born I told myself that I would never lie to them or keep secrets.  Through many years I have kept my word and it has been a challenge at times, but recently was one those more challenging times.  My oldest asked point blank to me if Santa Claus was real and this was not a question I had anticipated for another couple of years.  My answer is that Santa Claus is real, but Santa is not exactly what you think.  It's the answer that came from my heart and in speaking the words I realized that I may have inadvertently lied to my children if I had answered that Santa Claus is not real.  No Santa is not in a red suite landing on our roof, but the spirit of Santa is alive and as real as any other feelings are in this world.

Something to ponder; Is love not real?  I've never seen cupid, but I believe in love.  I've never seen Santa Claus, but I believe in Santa. 

Now is Rudolph real would be a whole other matter.


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