Thursday, January 27, 2011

10 steps for Parent's to engage with your children's school.

Walking into school for the first time with your kindergartner is a beautifully overwhelming experience, but pick up and drop off is only the beginning.  Especially if you're a single parent you need to engage your children's school and here are some ideas that you can do.  In most cases it can give you extra time outside of your custody agreement.

1.) Introduce yourself to all members of your children's school staff (remember their names and say hello anytime you are at the school)
2.) Give the school administrators and your children's teachers your full contact information and ask to be included on any correspondence.
3.) Identify and contact your classroom parents (offer any help, supplies, participation)
4.) Meet with your children's teachers at minimum 2 times per year (Fall/Spring)
5.) Email with your children's teachers at least once per month
6.) Join and participate in PTO/PTA meetings (boring, but get to know the other parents influencing the school)
7.) Chaperon at least one event/field trip per school year (your kids may not admit it, but they like when you know the other kids at school)
8.) Join or start a Dad's/Mom's club at your school (talk to the principal and PTO about starting one)
9.) Look for Parent teaching opportunities such as Science Box or reading to your child's class (fun and simple to do)
10.) Help your kids teachers every chance you get and constantly ask them if they need anything (and do it)


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