Wednesday, February 9, 2011 have a problem.

This is one of those subjects that you're just not sure how to look at it.  A school in Dallas applies for and receives a Federal grant that requires students to be forced to learn Arabic and about the Arabic culture.  What part pisses me off the most about hearing this story?  Oh let me count the ways.

1- A public school wants to make it mandatory for kids to learn Arabic!  Really? During the war on terror and amidst Islamic extreme terrorists attacking us and we want to force kids to learn Arabic?
2- Federal tax dollars (aka our money and borrowed at that) is paying the school district in Dallas to force kids to learn Arabic.  You have got to be kidding me, but should I be more pissed about this one or number one? 
3- The school district in question implemented it's "forced/mandatory" Arabic lessons on students without either notifying parents or getting parental permission.  Obviously, this school district forgot who is ultimately in charge of our children. 
4- Someone at the Federal level decided it was a good idea to offer a grant in the first place that imposes the Arabic language and culture upon our children.  What????
5- Then someone at this school district in Dallas decided it was a good idea to apply for and implement this grant forcing children to learn Arabic?  My head is going to explode from utter shock.

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  1. I would yank my children out of school. Seriously, this is their way of forcing tolerance down the throats of tax-paying, America loving citizens, by using the innocence of children. It's sickening, it's disgusting and the families should take this to court.


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