Monday, February 28, 2011

Finally criminals are being stopped cold!

You know the end of the world must be close with this rampant criminal behavior popping up all over the country. 

First, the boy selling of all things "Lemonade" in his front yard.  Yes it gets worse as it turned out that he didn't have a permit, but luckily our highly trained police force was able to put an end to this.  A permit was required, but it is unclear if this lemonade bandit was able to come up with enough money to acquire said permit.

Second, the couple cooking meals in their kitchen and distributing the home cooked meals to the homeless.  This one really justifies the Patriot Act most recent extension and once again our government was able to confront this madness.  Luckily no shots were fired and the couple filed the proper paperwork and paid the permitting fees to continue feeding the homeless.  Luckily the homeless were able to find meals through dumpster diving while this couple was shut down.  It's not clear at this time if the dumpsters had the proper permit to feed the homeless. 

Lastly, what can only be described as a possible hidden cell ready to strike the heart of America.  The Girl Scouts.  Yes the plot was broken up by quick acting police in Georgia.  Like in the other cases, once the payment was paid for the proper permit the Girl Scouts were able to resume their activities selling Girl Scout cookies.  I'm sure under a watchful government eye.

Funny that all 3 cases only needed some cash to grease the blind wheels of justice.  Don't you feel safer knowing that once someone coughs up some cash they can provide you food and beverage.  I wonder if the word permit is also defined as a bribe in Websters?

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  1. Wow, criminal activity among the young is out of control! Thanks for warning us.

    Great stuff Chris!


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