Friday, March 4, 2011

Politics in my kids school

I'm stunned that my children's school and local school district are using their platform to push a political agenda.  I'm receiving letters in my children's folder, posts on my kids school website, emails from the PTO, and verbal confrontations.   Funny that none of the voices are asking me what I think, but rather a shrill voice advocating their solution is filling my ears.  Rather loudly and frequently I might add.  This group is highly organized and extremely well funded, but who are they?

After some digging I found the part of the master behind the curtain, here we go:  (This is the lead for the campaign partnered with school districts and teacher's unions)  (This is the group that founded and heads the board for Save TX Schools, oh look they are "community organizers" promoting "social justice".  Hmmm, who else was promoting community organizers and social justice.....oh yeah the progressive liberal party).

Their solution:
  • Use the $9.3 billion Texas "Rainy Day" Fund to support schools. (So if we use the rainy day fund, what do we do next year? If you haven't noticed this economy is not exactly getting better.)
  • Sign the paperwork for $830 Million in federal aid for teachers. (We need to get the federal government out of education and if we accept this money the feds will control it all)
  • Fix school funding laws to be fair to all districts and to our state's growing student population (What does this even mean?)
I hope and pray that parents take a step back and think about this situation.  Cuts are going to come with our struggling economy, but is this the answer?  I don't think so and instead of contacting your state rep with the suggested form letter from these biased organizations, how about send a letter of support to your state rep and suggest "your idea".


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