Wednesday, May 11, 2011

You have got to be kidding me

2 High School students are suspended and arrested for having a
leatherman (multi-tool) and a lighter (explosive device). Is this
really how far we have sunk as a nation?
I used to trade Old Timer Knives in school with my teachers, at the
same time half the students in my school had a hunting rifle in their
trucks. Funny that we didn't have the school violence issues then
that we enjoy so much today. I commented on this subject in the past
that we should be going the opposite direction with students today.
Add in shooting classes, gun safety, proper care and maintenence of
firearms, knives 101, and so on. Guns have been part of students
lives for hundreds of years with almost no problems. Agree or
disagree, but what we are doing today is not working.
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