Friday, July 8, 2011

Tax the evil rich!!!!

When did hate become so popular?  Tax the rich, also known as take/steal/confiscate, and give it to another person is alive and well.  Unfortunately.  Funny that taxing the rich doesn't seem to necessarily go to another, but rather it disappears into a big sucking black hole called government spending.  Why don't we just give "the poor" the freedom to take from the rich directly.  It would be great and just imagine someone driving a car you like and being able to go whack them over the head and steal it.  Did I say steal?  I meant to say tax it from them.  See a house you like, well just give "the poor" the "right" to go kick in the front door and confiscate the home.  Did I say confiscate?  I meant to say tax if from them.  Well you get the idea....

To get our kids on board with this type of thinking we should make all children who get A's, B's, and C's in school "give" points to any kids with F's.  We can call it taxing the evil smart kids.

Or we could just move to a flat tax system that treats all of us that hateful?....


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