Thursday, August 25, 2011

Peeing on a tree quote

One of my early blog posts involved an incident that left me scatching my head.  Working from home I see my son in the backyard peeing on the fence.  Upon asking my son why he was peeing on the fence, he replied, "Well, I peed on the tree and I figured the fence needed some pee too.". 

I couldn't argue with kid logic this powerful....  I hope he's not peeing on a tree at his school right now though.  Just a great parenting moment.



  1. Thanks! That just made my day! As the only real male in my nephew's life, i think peeing on trees (in your own yard of course) is an important part of a boys life. A quick lesson about public nudity (there's "okay here" and "not okay in public"), and I think they'll be fine. And he was probably right - the fence needed some pee too.

  2. I have to admit...I am kind of jealous that it's so easy for you guys. We ladies don't have it so easy. BTW, my sons are bigger now but they still think they are young enough to pee wherever they want when they need to. It's not cute anymore.


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