Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never Forget 9-11-2001

The loud roar from that day saying, "Never Forget", has been dulled over time.  It's up to you and me to Never Forget and to pass on the knowledge of that day to the next generation.  Appeasement, Apathy, or Denial are not welcome in remembering why we are at war.  Funny to me when I hear that we have been at war for 10 years today, but to think this would entail a big lie.  Our enemy has been at war with us long before that September day, it's only been the last 10 years that we finally woke up enough to realize it.
Today is a day to celebrate.  Celebrate the courage of those who stepped forward, "Let's Roll".  Celebrate the courage of the countless youth who signed a contract payable with their lives to serve in our armed forces.  Celebrate the courage and honor of our countless soldiers who have paid the ultimate price in our fight against Islamic Extremist Terrorists.  Celebrate the glimpse we got of ourselves as a nation, the out pouring of love and unity.  Celebrate the prayers and unlimited faith in God the masses showed that day.  For on that day we were all Americans united and we can be that America again, but I hope without the attacks to jolt us into seeing what is most important.
Never Forget 9-11-2001


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