Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Occupy the Cafeteria

I think the occupy movement is on to something, but I'm still wondering when they are going to protest at the White House.
I would be down with a Occupy the Cafeteria movement.  Holy cow I'm not sure what they serve at my kids school, but food or food product doesn't come to mind when I've attempted to eat lunch with my kids at school.  Needless to say that I pack my kids lunch everyday, but it is handy to make my kids buy their lunch at school when they get in trouble. Ha.
Now it appears thanks to new regulations in 2010, our school cafeteria's have a new mandate to provide less taste, but more nutrition.  I guess the culprits behind this brainiac of a plan love the Miller Lite beer commercials and have delusions of grander with their own school lunch commercial with bikini clad girls wrestling in jello yelling, "less taste, more nutrition".  So the girls in their commercial might not be wrestling in jello, but you just never know.
How come at home we can cook great tasting food that is highly nutritious, as well as many restaurants accomplish this as well, but our schools have to shoot for less taste?  Given the powers that be love to medal and take away every one's choices, couldn't they at least have a little higher goals.  Better taste and better nutrition is really not hard, either retrain or higher people in the cafeteria with some actual cooking skills.  Hey can my kids school get a Jamie Oliver intervention, I love that he seems to get it and the name of the game is Fresh.  Ever notice all the canned goods in your kids cafeteria?  Instead we are removing salt from the tables and limiting ketchup.  How on earth did this end up in the federal governments hands anyway?  Shouldn't this be up to the local school and parents, but then again along with everything else it appears to be a control issue. 
Here's an idea;  Cooking classes in the cafeteria.  Kids could learn about nutrition, gain some real life skills, have a sense of accomplishment in cooking for fellow students, learn about business (dare I say evil capitalism).  My kids cook at home with me and I guarantee they can out cook anyone currently working in their schools cafeteria.
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