Friday, March 14, 2008

Spare the rod and spoil the child? Huh?

Let me start off by saying like millions of kids world wide I was spanked growing up. I used to think of it as Spankfest and wondered why Spankfest was not an official holiday! Spankings came from everywhere that included Mom, Dad, Uncle’s, babysitters and my favorite was the school Principal. The school Principal was the favorite since I noticed that it seemed to really piss him off when I laughed during his spankings. Hey, I was blessed with a dark sense of humor and a high tolerance to pain. Spankings were so much fun that by the time I pledged Sig Ep, me and my pledge brothers wacked the hell out of each other with the Frat paddles for fun.

Did I have a bad childhood? Oh God no and I love my family.

The question is: Am I better for the spankings? I don’t know and until I can travel to an alternate dimension I won’t ever truly know. What is for certain is that for most of the spankings I was not sure why in the hell I was receiving a spanking.

If spankings are effective then why don’t we continue them as adults? Honey you’re late- ten lashes. Forget to take out the trash- ten lashes. Not pulling your weight in the office- ten lashes. Behind on your mortgage, well you guessed it- ten lashes.

Let’s think about this a second! We are hitting totally defenseless children in our society to teach them to be better, nicer, kinder, and smarter adults? My favorite is spanking a child for hitting another child! Huh? Son you hit your sister and as punishment to teach you not to hit her I am going to hit you! Huh? Let’s dissect this last one a second. Your son has done something wrong to upset you so you hit him, but he was most likely feeling the exact same way and thus hit his sister in the first place. Call me crazy, but spanking your child seems like the last thing in the world you should do. What are you teaching your children? Children learn by example and they don’t know how to express themselves.

Read a book for other punishment ideas that don’t involve hitting. Call me and hit me if you feel like hitting your kids, but please don’t hit them! (Keep in mind that I will hit back! It’s what I was taught.)

You guessed it, I don’t hit my kids and I pray that you don’t or stop hitting yours!


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