Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bravest of the brave!

Taking a second to think about what the world must be like to be a child again and it made me realize one simple point. Our kids are the bravest of the brave when you really think about it.

For years I thought of myself as brave and in raising my children I have taken special consideration in guiding them to approach all that they do with courage. But… really thinking about it and I realize that I have a lot to learn from my kids about being brave.

Initially kids truly don’t have courage or exhibit braveness, but rather their inexperience to life and situations has allowed them to prod along blindly. As they have aged and gained some experience and are exposed to the fact that they are utterly dependent on all those around them has made me look at this a little different. Very quickly our kids have fallen down while playing, been hurt by other kids, fallen off and into things and I can go on and on about simple little situations they encounter daily that can hurt and scare them. However, everyday they wake up happy and eager to go out into a world that they have experienced pain in some form or fashion. A world they know little to nothing about, yet they eagerly and consistently charge off into the unknown.

How often do I do that these days? Definitely not enough when I compare myself to my children.

How often do you charge off into the unknown these days?

Kids are the bravest among us and it’s our job to keep up and to not rob them of this inherent courage and bravery. Go have fun with your brave little children in this big unknown world!


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