Saturday, May 3, 2008

Frustration of it all.

For the most part I focus on the upbeat side and what positive things that I can share with you on this blog. Other items on my blog have either hit a nerve, touched my heart, or have been very close to home. This post is one that is close to home.

I firmly believe that children need both parents equally and nothing I have seen changes this in anyone’s situation that I am currently aware of. The worst parent in the world will still be missed and loved by a child somewhere. Yes some parents need some professional help, guidance, or supervision while with and around their children. But no matter how worked up I get about any situation I am aware of the fact that still remains is that children will always want to know who and where their mom or dad is. This coupled with the fact that you can’t change anyone and nor can you force anyone to do anything, well you will hit a wall after a while.

I love my children and my children love both their mother and me, but my children’s mother and me have successfully been able to not get along in our children’s best interest for some time now. The issue, as with most separated households, is that mom and dad’s view of the children’s best interest don’t always match. Whose right? Most times I can immediately say that I am, then later when I can remove emotion and arrogance from the decision making process we often are both right. Then you hit that one situation in which whose right doesn’t seem to apply and this is where I find myself today. Wow, I’m out of words and I may be for awhile on this topic.

Give your kids a big hug tomorrow morning with a big “Morning Sunshine”. You’ll thank me later.



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