Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Now I'm a hairdresser!

Being a single father has some rather unique and entertaining opportunities. A couple of very proud poppa and manly moments most recently occurred at my daughter’s gymnastics class. I bought my daughter a huge pink and white leather bag/purse for her to put her gymnastics clothes in. At the time it didn’t dawn on me that I would ultimately be the one carrying the bag (purse) around at gymnastics. For some reason the mothers there couldn’t help themselves in commenting that my shoes didn’t match my new accessory and laughing hysterically. The other fathers present gave me the all too common look of complete understanding. Not that the experience was going downhill, but then I find myself trying to put my daughter’s hair into a pony tail. Lord I need to take a hair dressing class and why in the hell do you call the little round donut of a hair holder a scrunchie? Duct tape would be much more effective in holding hair in place for activities like GYMNASTICS. Needless to say I was ultimately able to get somewhat of the majority of my daughters hair into the scrunchie thing. Mission accomplished! No wait, she did a summersault and all my work went out the window. Now I get to run over to her with my purse in tow to start the whole process over, arrgghhh. Now my daughter is laughing at me and then her sweet voice makes it all better by saying, “Daddy you’re not very good with hair, but you’re good at painting my fingernails”. I almost forgot that I paint fingernails too-don’t ask!


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