Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why does my son love Jr.?

Actually, I really don’t know why my son took to becoming such a big fan of Dale Earnhardt Jr. I was a huge AJ Foyt fan growing up myself and I named one of our boxer puppies AJ of course. So why my son took to Jr has been unknown to me, but it’s becoming clearer with time. My son has asked many times if I think Jr’s daddy is with him and my son often comments that Jr’s daddy is up in the stars, but will add that Jr’s daddy still helps Jr. You know that I have to agree with him and it’s not that I’m taking anything away from Jr or his driving abilities. Both as a father and the pieces of my father that I carry with me in all that I do, lend me to believe that Jr’s father is there with him. Always.

Its actually given me another bond with my son during our precious time together, we see the number 88 racing around the track as one, even though we may be apart for some races. Of course my son has a room full of Jr. memorabilia. My son’s favorite stuffed animal is named Jr, my car is named Jeepy Jr. All names came from my son. Does my son worship at the Jr alter? I used to think so, but then he recently said that Jr loves his daddy and then my son added just like I love you daddy. Now when I see or hear anything Jr and the number 88, I hear my son saying, “just like I love you daddy”. Yeah kind of hokey, but it is what it is.

The time when my son is at his moms we still watch Jr race together, even though we are physically apart. I call my son and give him updates and we are together for that brief trip Jr takes for us at 200mph.

Go Jr! Go Son! Go!!!


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