Thursday, October 2, 2008

Where is Caylee Anthony?

I find myself often turning the channel and wishing for the saga in Florida to conclude, on a positive note I might add. The horror unfolding of the seemingly inevitable conclusion that Caylee is no longer with us on this beautiful planet. I know every parent who is vaguely aware of the situation playing out nightly on CNN is mortified, but also stunned by the entire family. Just an opinion, but the grandparents either know where their granddaughter is or know the fate of this poor little girl. Why don’t the family members just come clean with everything they know and suspect? The frustration of it all, but then again..

I have judged this situation, maybe wrongly. Nobody knows what they would truly do in that situation unless confronted with it themselves.

Right and wrong, I stand by my children with a just the three of us facing the world attitude. I realize as my children grow that the tests of this view will grow in scope and complexity, but if we don’t defend and stand up for our children, regardless, who will? I’m guessing the Grandparents of little Caylee know what happened and the conclusion is final. Are they defending their daughter’s actions or is just utter denial on the part of the grandparents? I have no idea. A part of me suspects that they are trying to salvage their little girl/Casey or what’s left of her. Just a thought..

I pray and hope nobody faces this situation and good Lord please bring Caylee back safely. Standing up for your children no matter what can be put to the ultimate test when I think of the situation involving Caylee this way. Makes everything I have faced with my children to date and for the foreseeable future seem petty and insignificant.

Just the three of us, no matter what!


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