Monday, November 17, 2008

The clothing game?

It’s time to get the kids dressed or even to pack clothes for your children to go to their other parent house. At this point you quietly think to yourself that my kids can’t wear that, “It’s too nice” or “That fits” or “That doesn’t have enough holes in it” or “That is not stained enough” to be in at your Dad or Mom’s house. Am I getting warm as to what some of you parents are thinking when you basically pack clothes or dress your kids in clothes that most homeless people wouldn’t wear? I’ve even heard a catch phrase, “I just keep a mommy or daddy’s bag packed”. Which as near as I can tell this bag could just as easily be taken to goodwill, although goodwill may not accept it.

It’s a little ironic that this same parent when confronted with the subpar (I’m being polite) clothing will make excuses to others by claiming the same vagabond clothing game is being played by the other parent. It is an excuse, but an excuse that is also all too often true. I understand how frustrating it can be to send your kids off in well fitting nice clothes to only have them sent back home in clothes you bought them 2 years ago. Nothing like having your kids run up to you and the first thought in your mind is, “oh my God they have been mugged”. But the cycle continues.

Every cycle has to be broken by one person first, but don’t expect that the cycle will break. I implore you to dress your kids for success with a sense of dignity at all times. Ask your kids the next time they are wearing clothes that better resemble a hobo Halloween costume if they like their clothes. Don’t be surprised when they say no and add in that mom or dad made me wear it. Then again you parents playing the clothing game are teaching your kids a valuable lesson that if they leave you they will be punished or that you are so insecure that you are willing to use your kids to try and take another jab at your kids dad or mom. Great job and keep up the great work in kicking your kids in their self worth and self esteem button! Great job in not missing an opportunity to try and take another shot at the one other person your kids dearly love! Great job in taking a shot at your kids! Hey, kids are resilient so its ok to abuse them when they are little! -I hope you realize that this is SARCASM!!!

How often do your kids go to their other home? 4 to 5 times a month? At least just go to Target and buy some cheap, but nice clothes to go to the other house. I’m not advocating to send your kids in formal to the other parent, but dress your kids as you yourself would want to be dressed. They are your kids after all and they deserve the best, your best!

Am I missing the real reason behind the clothing game?


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