Thursday, November 13, 2008

Political children?

I posted a video of a teacher who repeatedly tells children whomever they are choosing for president is fine. This same teacher goes on to tell students not only whom the teacher herself is voting for, but why one candidate or view is bad. Wow, is this teaching or brainwashing?. Our children will be inundated with biased views from us (parents), which is bad enough. But to have the educational system add to it is to say the least very unnerving. I give my teachers growing up a lot of credit in the fact they always urged their students to participate and vote in elections. At the same time I have no memory of any of my teachers either sharing as to whom they themselves were voting for nor any defamation or accolade of any potential candidate or party. I may have to give my education more value and credit than I initially thought.

Why is it bad that a teacher tells her students who they are voting for? Teachers are put in a position of influence over our children, with the unique aspect to specifically tell our children if they are right or wrong. (Grading) What is an elementary school child to think about themselves and their parents if their home is voting for the opposite candidate of their teacher. I would imagine kids will feel caught in between the two and wondering if one is wrong. Even if they don’t think one is wrong, then the risk grows for our children to not open up and question.

It’s na├»ve of me to have this view, but I try anyway. I hope our children can develop their own views independent of parents and teachers. I hope our children learn to ask questions early and often without fear of reprieve. I hope our children learn the history of political and social policies. I hope they find their own way without prejudices of anyone or any party. I hope they can find truth. I hope they can understand, value, and learn the importance of the word “Why”. So as a parent I try to keep my political views and my candidate to myself for now, for my kids are far too young at this point. If my children develop a political bias from another party, as we all have, that bias should only come from dad and mom. More so, our children should be free to develop their own biases.

To teachers I say thank you, but please keep your political bias to yourself, at least until my kids are in high school.


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