Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This sucks

Really is this a good ad campaign? As a father this hits a nerve and feels like male bashing and this ad campaign currently running in Dallas is catching a lot of attention. Apparently I am not alone in feeling persecuted and attacked, not only as a father, but for just being male. This type of ad campaign reminds me of the same views some have that all fathers/men or all mothers/women are bad.

Violence is violence, hatred and abuse holds no exclusive affiliations to either gender.

Want press? Then run a campaign that any abusers of their partners can go to jail for life (in Iran) or can spend 30 minutes in the ring with one of the current UFC champions. I’m sure you can find lots of volunteers from various groups to get in a cage with these candy ass abusers and teach them the meaning of the word abuse. I’ll volunteer and yes if you hit your spouse/partner/children then you are a candy ass! Disagree? Give me a call.


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